Unification News for August 2004

IRFF Zambia AIDS Program

by Nicholas  Chisha

IRFF Zambia, through its HIV/AIDS awareness program has found that many families have been affected by HIV/AIDS

In Zambia like any other African culture, the family is not only the father, mother and children but includes grand parents, HIV/AIDS has broken this wonderful culture, where the old people were looked after, they always  had a loving home through their sons and daughters, that is why in the old days having children was regarded as a big investment.

Today it is a sorry sight, because most of the people who are dying of AIDS are the young ones, the ones who are supposed to take care of the aged and now the aged have found themselves faced with a number of difficulties, looking after their sick HIV/AIDS children and the orphans left behind by their children.

As a result of all this, today in Zambia we have so many old people with no home to go to, no one to take care of them, as a result end up at the Home for the Aged, where it is so hard to find love and care.

It is with this back ground that IRFF Zambia came up with the program  SERVICE  FOR THE AGED, where we have one day in a week specially reserved for the aged, we go to visit and work at the Home for the Aged known as Mitanda Home for the Aged, which accommodates more than 50 old people, this Home is run by the Salvation Army.

Management at this Home for the Aged at first did not believe that we could give free service to the aged, because many young people have no time for the Aged, they do not even want to hear of them.

It is our prayer that our small contribution will help the Aged at Mitanda Home for the Aged find True Love and happiness.

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