Unification News for August 2004

IIFWP Pakistan Programs

by Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi

The IIFWP Pakistan Chapter, with the collaboration of Ambassadors for Peace Foundation, has launched a weekly forum at Lahore City to address critical problems facing the Pakistani nation because of religious extremism, sectarianism, and lack of understanding for other religions. The IIFWP Weekly Peace Forum, "Vision for Peace" has cultivated a group of leaders from all spheres of life.

This Forumís strong advocacy for peace and true love in the perspective of Dr. Sun Myung Moonís teachings has impressed so many intellectuals in the country. Mr. Farhat Abbas Shah, a poet intellectual and author of 58 books of Urdu literature is one of them. This Forum was initiated in September 2003 and has been held every Sunday at the Hotel Pearl Continental in Lahore. Former President of Pakistan, Muhammad Rafique Tarar, Governor Shaihd Hamid, and leader of Jamíat Islami, Mr. Ameer ul Azeem, are among those who addressed this forum so for. This forum has earned a great respect from all circles of Pakistan.

The IIFWP Pakistan Chapter arranged a special event at Lahore for welcoming the holy month of Ramadan and to honour Muslim leaders. In this reception 150 top leaders, including Provincial Government Ministers, Advisors and members of the Parliament participated. Former Governor of Punjab, Hon. Shahid Hamid, Grand Imam Maqsood Qadri, Christian leader Rev.Bahadur Janj, and famous film actor Muhammad Ali also attended this important event as special guests. In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Kazmi greeted Pakistani Muslims brothers and sisters on behalf Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, Chairman of the IIFWP. Dr. Kazmi said fasting is an obligation and it is a commonality of three great monotheistic religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Dr. Kazmi said we should talk about similarities and focus on coexistence. He said coexistence is a divine philosophy and Holy Qurían gives us deep insight about all.

Clergy councilReverend Bahadur Jung of Sharq Pur Sharief, a Christian leader and the Chairman of the Union of Churches hosted a joint meeting with the Muslim Clergy Council at the Central Church of Sharq Pur Sharief. Dr. Kazmi presided over this historic meeting and addressed to the audience. In this meeting a declaration was jointly approved. In this declaration and proclamation which was adopted on behalf of churches and mosques, Muslim and Christian unity was the focus. This ceremony made a great impact for lasting peace and harmony between both great religions.

Punjab University is one of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions of South Asia. This university is located in Lahore, Pakistan. On 21 November, 2003 the Department of Philosophy celebrated International Day of Philosophy and arranged a Peace Rally with the collaboration of the IIFWP Pakistan Chapter. This Peace Rally started from the New Campus of the University and ended at the Old Campus. About 1000 students, teachers and IIFWP Pakistan Chapter members and friends participated in this rally. Mr. Muhammad Asif addressed and delivered a message on behalf of Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi at this occasion. In his message Dr. Kazmi mentioned IIFWP efforts for creating a culture of peace for security and human prosperity.

The Music and Arts Foundation For Peace inaugural ceremony held at Holiday Inn Hotel Lahore. This foundation was founded by Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi to unite leaders in cultural fields for peace and love. Leading personalities of the music and arts participated in this ceremony. From all circles it has been warmly welcomed and appreciated the role of Arts and Music for World Peace. Dr. Kazmi addressed and elaborated the founding vision of this foundation. Legendary film actor of Pakistan film and movie industry, Muhammad Ali, former Governor of Punjab Hon. Shahid Hamid, Secretary-General of the Music Conference, Mr. Hayat Ahmad Khan and almost 50 top recording singers, musicians and film actors and actresses participated in this inaugural ceremony. President of the Music and Arts Foundation, Mr. Farhat Abbas, Sr. Vice President, Mr. Zia ul Haque, Secretary General Mr. Muzaffar Chaudhry and Mr. Shah Nawaz Najmi addressed this event.

The Al-Qamar Foundation Pakistan has initiated its free Polio Vaccination Clinical Program for infants and Children at Islam Pura, Lahore. About 5000 children and infants will receive free vaccination and medical services of this remote area every month from this clinic, which was established on no charge basis by the Foundation. Dr. Mohy-ud-Din, a well-known NGO leader and Chairman of Al-Qamar Foundation, invited Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, President IIFWP Pakistan, as the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of this Clinical Program. Addressing the participants of this inaugural ceremony, Dr. Kazmi appreciated the role of Al-Qamar Foundation for its humanitarian efforts. He said we must join hands with Dr. Mohy-ud-Din, in this noble cause and that members of the IIFWP are with them at this great endeavour. Dr. Kazmi assured his full organizational support to the organizers and prays for the success of this clinical program.

IIFWP and FFWP Pakistan Chapter celebrated a marriage of famous Pakistani Political Leader and intellectual Mr. Sohail Gowindi. Mr. Gowindi (Pakistan) recently married Lady Farrukh (from Lebanon). This international marriage was held at Beirut, Lebanon. and Former Prime Minister of Lebanon Mr. Blund Edivit attended this marriage ceremony. Both bride and groom have significant political and religious background in their countries and belong to the most influential families. The bride belongs to the famous Daruz tribe of Beirut. After this important international marriage, it was celebrated under the auspicious banner of the IIFWP and FFWP Pakistan chapters. The celebration was held at Hotel Pearl Continental Lahore. Dr. Kazmi invited 50 VIPs to attend this important ceremony. Former Minister for Justice Mr. S.M. Masud, and former Federal Minister Syed Afzal Haider also attended this dinner event. Dr. Kazmi congratulated the newly-married couple on behalf of the IIFWP Chairman Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak and Secretary-General Dr. Thomas G. Walsh. Dr. Kazmi said this marriage will bring Lebanon and Pakistan closer together, and this relationship will serve as a bridge for peace, love and harmony in both friendly nations.

A leading NGO of Pakistan Idara-e-Shaoor arranged an important seminar entitled "Terrorism, Islam and Pakistan" at the National Press Club, Lahore. Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi attended this seminar as chief guest, and Justice Javed Iqbal, Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, presided over this seminar. Pakistan Peoples Party leader, Prof. Ijaz ul Hassan, Senior Journalist, NM Rashid, Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader Ms. Ayesha Javed, and Former Provincial Minister Brig. Hamid Saeed addressed this seminar. Dr. Kazmi focussed on the need for dialogue for better understanding and peace. Dr. Kazmi said we must learn from the past and should resolve all issues and conflicts through dialogue. He emphasized adopting the philosophy and strategy of people to people contact to overcome all problems. He said that a dialogue between civilizations is an urgent need to prevent possible wars. Mr. Suhail Ashraf, President Idara-e-Shaoor, expressed appreciation for the role of the IIFWP for World Peace.

The Punjab Press Council convened its Cultural Award Function at Al-Hmara Cultural Complex on October 27, 2003. Minster for Culture and Youth Affairs for the Government of the Punjab, Hon. Rai Mehdi Hassan, and Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi attended as chief guest and presented awards to the winners. Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Kazmi said that IIFWP seeks to encourage and support the efforts of leaders from all disciplines and to build coalitions among a wide range of cultural, religious and educational institutions in advancing solutions to pressing world problems. He said culture could play a vital role to create love, peace and harmony.

The Pakistan Forum arranged a Special Consultation meeting to meet the High Commissioner to India, Hon. Aziz Ahmad Khan. This meeting was held at the Punjab Government Services Club Lahore. Convener of Pakistan Forum Colonel (R) Ikram Ullah invited Dr. Kazmi as special guest. Dr. Kazmi expressed his hope that India and Pakistan would be able to resolve all problems in a peaceful ways through dialogue. Dr. Kazmi informed Hon. Aziz Ahmad Khan about the IIFWP initiatives for peace. Hon. Aziz Ahamd Khan said he would count on the support of IIFWP while working for ideal and peaceful relationship between India and Pakistan. Dr. Kazmi said Hon. Khan is going with a tough agenda, but his efforts as a professional and dedicated diplomat will be fruitful and bring peace in this region.

Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, President of FFWP, was invited to address a most important religious and spiritual place, the Central Mosque of Hazrat Data Gunj Buksh Syed Ali Hajweri at Friday prayer. Our IIFWP Ambassador for Peace and Grand Imam of Data Sahib Mosque, Sheikh ul Islam Allama Muhammad Maqsood Qadri, introduced Dr. Kazmi and expressed appreciation for Dr. Kazmiís leadership for interreligious harmony in the country. At this historic place more than 60,000 people were present. Addressing this historic gathering Dr. Kazmi conveyed special guidance and instructions of the IIFWP founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has convened world leaders convocations, seminars and symposiums around the globe to create harmony among all nationalities and religions. He informed the followers of Hazrat Data Gunj Baksh that after the 9/11 tragedy Grand Imam Allama Qadri was invited by the Chairman of the IIFWP, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, to two important events of the IIFWP in New York and that the Grand Imam contributed his efforts for world peace through these historic events.

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