Unification News for August 2004

Chung Il Guk Horsemanship Seminar

by Lesa Ellanson

On Saturday, July 31, the 2004 Chung Il Guk Horsemanship Seminar celebrated its first graduating class. It was an intense and rewarding two weeks, with the Second Generation students riding, touring the many facilities, and listening to lectures given by qualified professionals in the equestrian world.

The schedule was rigorous; the average day was around 18 hours! Everyone woke at 4:30AM for daily Hoon Dok Hye and Ahn Shi Il, worked hard, rode their assigned horses and studied in order to pass their written exams. Hearing from Olympic and other world-class trainers, a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a visit to a foxhunt kennel and stable, a tour of the Military Academy at West Point was augmented by Divine Principle lectures, classroom discussions of horsemanship, history and riding theory.

The participants conducted themselves in the true spirit of sacrifice and honor and, most noteworthy, all came away with a far deeper understanding of God's heart. All prayed, all wept. Many determined to now be responsible for alleviating the long held misery that Heavenly Father has endured since the Fall when both man and beast were lost.

The New Hope Farms teaching staff wishes to extend a heartfelt appreciation to those parent volunteers: Gerry Servito for his inspiring Divine Principle lectures, Linda Feher for her marvelous meals, Gale Alves for shopping, cooking, and collating learning materials for the students, and Lowell Ellanson for waking us up and conducting morning Hoon Dok Hye.

Finally, on behalf of the Second Generation Equestrians and the New Hope Farms Staff, we wish to extend our gratitude to the horses; for their gentility, trust, their ever-enduring patience and forgiveness for our shortcomings. They helped give us all a glimpse into the world that is meant to be; it is an ideal kingdom where no separation exists between Almighty God, His creation and we, His children, who are blessed to love it all. Thank you, too, True Parents for your vision of that ideal.

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