Unification News for August 2004

FFWPU Albania News - A 5-day workshop at the Unification Training Centre

June 16th 20th 2004, Mullet Tirane, Albania
by Eva Ile

Just ten days after the last 5 day WS, we held in our Training Centre another 5 day WS, where the number of participants was around thirty. The workshop program and the content of lectures was similar with the workshops before, but what we wanted to share with you this time is the nice reflection of a sister from Vlora city, who was really moved by Divine Principle and the atmosphere of workshop in general.

Uarda Roshi (16 years old):

The days I passed in this workshop have been the most wonderful ones I have ever had until now. My happiness now has reached the top. Un inexpressible joy captured my heart one day ago, when I got to know about True Father.

During these days I felt part of a big family, part of an unlimited love. I want to thank from the bosom of my heart Mr. Chang, Gani, Irma, Saviola who planted in my heart the seed of love, but I have to take care to grow from this small seed an eternal tree.

When my eye met the divine face of True Father, I felt happy; when in his eyes I saw suffer and pain for humankind, I felt courageous.

This seminar helped me to understand my selfishness. I am happy because here I got to know my real self and I could fight with Satan who had invaded me. After this battle I felt my self ?Israel? part of a new truth which I adore.

We are all goers in this life. Let us act well here in way to feel well in the spirit world which is eternal. Let us follow True Father and altogether let be grateful for our Heavenly Father that gave us another great chance.

I want to tell to everybody: - Follow heartily our True Parents and you will find the happiness as me in these moments.

Everything written here is coming from the heart of a girl that got to know what true love is!

Through such a high inspiration we come to understand that our real goal is to change young people?/font>s life through the truth and through true love.

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