Unification News for August 2004

Blessing Ceremony in Chicago

Sunday evening, July 26, 2004 we here in Chicago joined with the WCSF 2004 in Korea via satellite, and the program was a great success. Fifteen couples received all aspects of the Blessing Ceremony. Altogether there were 100 guests in attendance to view the beauty of the couples' ceremonies and to support their venture towards a new beginning. Everyone was very pleased with the Chicago event and were grateful to all Chicago members for making this an unforgettable experience.

One Chicago couple, Marcial and Pops, shared about how much they felt the parental love of Bishop and Mrs. Kim through both the preparation and during the Blessing ceremony. Another couple that came to Chicago from North Dakota shared how much their heart was touched by the ceremony and that they really felt it was a precious unforgettable moment. Other people blessed their ancestors in the spirit world and they also had a deep moving experience of joyful tears for them.

We would really like to thank everybody who helped make this WCSF Blessing 2004 another historical occasion. This gives us new hope, new commitment, and new determination to go forward and accomplish our goals as blessed families.

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