Unification News for July 2004

UTS Commemorates HSAís 50th with President Emeritus, Dr. David S. C. Kim

In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, UTS students gathered with seminary president Dr. Tyler Hendricks and the first president of UTS, Dr. David S. C. Kim, who arrived from Poughkeepsie with his wife to rededicate a granite bench to the Cosmic Parents of Heaven and Earth. Also present were Mrs. Hendricks, UTS Vice President Dr. Michael Mickler and Dean of Students Jang Hoee Kim.

The gathering began with a reading of a moving letter from Heavenly Father to True Parents in 2001, expressing gratitude to True Parents for their endurance and dedication to God.

As the only living member of the original five who signed the charter bringing into existence the HSA, Dr. Kim prayed with deep reverence toward the Cosmic Parents, reflecting the close relationship he shared through his many years. In prayer, Dr. Kim shared that the original bench, made of wood, had been presented to the Cosmic Parents by the UTS graduating class of 1979. The bench had disintegrated but a granite chair was being placed on UTS grounds to give eternal honor to the Cosmic Parents in honor of the Golden Anniversary of the HSA.

Dr. Hendricks presented Dr. Kim with the book The Moment, given on behalf of the seminary for the 50 years of "blood, sweat and tears" Dr. Kim shed during his life dedicated to the Cosmic Parents. A UTS hat was also presented. Dr. Kim quickly retorted, "I have so many hats."

After a round of manseis, Dr. Kim bade all gathered to sit on the ground. He also sat down and gave some words of guidance:

Unificationists are not immune to temptations. Thatís why you have to work hard. Even if I look at a Christian magazine they do well and say never talk about sex. But Father talks of the perfection of sex. Holy Sex. Long way to go. Please keep in mind we have to go through perfection though struggling and with the relationship between husband and wife.

All gathered enjoyed Dr. Kimís quick wit and jokes as he warned against sitting on the bench: "Donít sit there. You get in trouble. Sit here (pointing at ground); thatís fine."

Despite his 90 years Dr. Kim was energetic, joking while taking a group picture, and warmly speaking to Dr. Mickler and other UTS students. Dr. Hendricks thanked Dr. and Mrs. Kim for making the trip to UTS to spend the 50th Anniversary with seminary staff and students.

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