Unification News for July 2004

A ‘Thank You’ from WFWP

by Alexa Ward

Thank you for your very generous support of the Women of Peace program in Israel, May 22-28, 2004. American sisters responded to the call and we were easily able to make our goal of 120 participants. Many of you helped others with airfare and program fees. Many of you contributed to the expenses of the eighteen Task Force sisters. Some of you even sponsored other sisters. More than one hundred and fifty sisters sent $50 to WFWP to help with expenses.

As we bring closure to this program and move forward with other activities, WFWP is still in need of an additional $13,530 to cover expenses incurred during the Women of Peace program. I have prepared a brief income and expense report so you can see what our needs are at this time. I would like to encourage you to help WFWP by sending in $50 at this time.

What made the Women of Peace program special and unique? From the beginning of the planning stage, we felt that the mother's heart was key to the success of this program. The mother’s heart is above religion. The mother’s heart brings deep parental love, compassion, empathy, and healing.

True Father gave the direction for the sisters to go door to door, to find those who have been victimized by the ongoing violence in Israel, and to comfort them. This is the essence of the mother’s heart. Many deep experiences resulted from that direction.

There were many aspects of the Women of Peace program that were uniquely suited to women. Caroline Betancourt and Donna Selig organized a moving spiral prayer at the Sea of Galilee. Angelika Selle, Debbie Taylor, Claire Daugherty, and Juanita Pierre Louis guided a session on reconciliation one evening. Visits to Hadassah Hospital and Yad be Yad Bi-Lingual School, organized by Norma Foster, gave us an opportunity to share our mother’s hearts where they were most needed. Several hundred sisters participated in a Bridge of Peace Ceremony, that, through the Israeli and Palestinian pairs, gave new depth to the realm of sisterhood. Five hundred sisters from thirty three nations went door to door in and around Jerusalem with a heart to comfort.

We are grateful to God and True Parents for the opportunity to participate in the Women of Peace program in Israel. We pray that our involvement could help to heal and bring resolution to the sons and daughters of Abraham.

For those of you who are able to help WFWP at this time, please make your checks out to WFWP,USA and send to WFWP, USA, 3224 – 16th Street, NW, Washington DC 20010. If we are able to make more than the level of our outstanding debt, we would like to make a brief video, as well as further develop the website. For more information, please contact Betsy Hunter, Administrative Director, at bhunter@wfwp.us or by telephone to 202-319-3200, extension 150.

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