Unification News for July 2004

Ocean Providence at Master Marine-Alabama

Steven Roppoli
April 26, 2004 - Alabama

Ocean Providence activities continues at Master Marine shipyard in Bayou La Batre, Alabama, as they turn over and set-up a new 45 meter steel hulled offshore supply


The 205 ton (411,000 pound) main hull section was carried into place with large cranes awaiting the second and third modules, the upper house, deckhouse

and pilothouse. When fully completed the vessel will be used to carry supplies to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Master Marine is also involved in repair and overhaul projects with the United States Coast Guard and US Navy.

Recently Master Marine received the highest award for quality work and on-time performance from the US Coast Guard HQ in Norfolk, VA.

Steven Roppoli, VP Sales

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