Unification News for July 2004

Directors of Blessed Family Department for FFWPU USA - Jim and Hiromi Stephens

New Directors Of Renewed Blessed Family Department!

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification of the United States is happy to announce the appointment of Jim and Hiromi Stephens as directors of the Blessed Family Department, as of June, 2004. They will work under the authority and guidance of our Continental Director, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, and National President, Rev. Michael Jenkins, and with the support of the Education Department, overseen by Rev. Phillip Schanker.

The Stephens Family

Among the first objectives are: organizing and supporting the preparations for US participation in the July 26th Blessing in Chonan, Korea; assisting the Continental Director in appointing a Blessing Committee to advise and support the departmentís work; providing guidance and support for parents in the matching of their children; development of ongoing education, counseling and family enrichment for spouses, parents, and young people; and identifying representatives to coordinate the ministry in each region. Future plans include publications, educational videos, web-based support services, and special ministries to support the variety of needs within the growing community of Blessed families.

Your suggestions and participation are welcome. Jim and Hiromi can be reached personally by Email at jimstephens5@comcast.net or ommahiromi@hotmail.com , or by phone at (410) 997-6450. To reach the Blessed Family Department, contact blessing@familyfed.org , or call Mrs. Rachel Carter at (202)345-4888.

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