Unification News for July 2004

In Memoriam Mrs. Suzie Spitz

Mrs. Suzie Spitz wife of Mr. Bob Spitz has made the transition to the next life. We are deeply grateful for their blessed family and the life of sacrifice Suzie made for the providence.

Danory Spitz, their son just returned from serving on STF. Mr. Robert Spitz is the AFC Director in Southern California. Mrs. Suzie Spitz is the younger sister of Tiger Choi,one of the 36 Blessed Couples and a beloved leader in our movement in Korea.

The Spitz family stands with great honor before history as an internationally blessed couple bringing Korea and America together. They faithfully lived the Way of the Principle and brought joy to Heaven and our True Parents. We are grateful to Suzie and her family and wish her well on the beginning of her new life in the Heavenly realm.

As always, with the understanding of the Principle, this is the natural transition that occurs in each of our lives. The Blessing is the most essential condition for that transition to be secure in the next life. Therefore we extend our comfort and condolences to the Spitz family while at the same time we rejoice in the completion of a victorious life on earth and the transition to the next life which is filled with eternal joy.

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