Unification News for July 2004

Horsemanship Seminar

by Lesa Ellanson

There has been much interest in the Chung Il Guk Horsemanship Seminar. We have had such an overwhelming response from families who wish to expand God's presence on earth as we work and love His creation.

Unfortunately, we will be limiting enrollment to 12 participants for the following reasons: This is our inaugural year. As such, we will be building upon this year's foundation for future horsemanship seminars. We have limited this year's enrollment to those Second Generation who are more experienced with horses to prepare them to be future teaching assistants and team leaders for subsequent seminars. Thus, for those who are beginners or are inexperienced with horses but wish to learn and work with them, take heart!

Finally, if there are any Blessed Couples, older Second Generation, or older Jacob's Children in good standing who wish to volunteer as seminar staff to share in the cooking, driving and in the lectures, please contact Lesa Ellanson at nhfarms@warwick.net or call 845-856-6792 or 845-856-8384(to leave message). Your room and board will be provided.

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