Unification News for July 2004

IIFWP Announces the Winners of the 2004 Peace Song-Writing Contest

by David Eaton

The concept of music as a vehicle for promoting moral and ethical change has been with humankind since the ancient cultures of China and Greece. It is in the spirit of the ancientís attitudes regarding art and music that the International and Interreligious Federation (IIFWP) for World Peace sponsored its first annual peace song-writing contest in 2004. The songs on the recently released CD represent efforts by a variety of international singers and songwriters to utilize their talents to promote a vision of a world free from conflict and hostilities, a world where Godís love and wisdom are forever realized. The CD was premiered at the World Culture and Sports Festival in July, 2004 and it is the hope of the executive producers that the WCSF Peace Song Contest will be a fitting tribute to the vision of the Festival.

IIFWP offers its congratulations to Laurel Sayre, Chris Alan Deflinger, Bobby Maull II, Jena Eisenberg and Sunmarie Allen for their prize-winning entries in the IIFWP Peace Song Writing Contest. In addition to the contest winning entries, the CD, Peace Is In Our Hands, included songs composed and produced by altruistic musicians from around the world whose music echoes the ideals of the WCSF and IIFWP.

The opening track, The Cup of Peace was produced to commemorate the inaugural Sun Moon Peace Cup Soccer Tournament in 2003. Heart to Heart is the title track from the Middle East Peace Initiative/Songs for Peace CD produced in March of 2004 by the American Family Coalition to celebrate in song the historic "Heart to Heart" peace and reconciliation rally in Jerusalem. Gaya, one Israelís most renowned music groups (and guest performers at the "Heart to Heart" peace rally) has offered their hit, A Song for Love, which has become a popular peace anthem in their homeland of Israel.

California singer/composer Tes, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, offered her moving Peace in the Middle East, which was inspired by her desire to see peace in the Holy Land. Persian-American singer Laleh has been on a quest to bring a higher consciousness to people wherever and whenever she sings and this is most evident in her dynamic song, Sacred Circle. Miyuki Harleyís God Never Forgets is a poignant expression of Godís love and hope for His children. Brazilian producer, Diego Costa and American guitarist Kurt Garrison, composed Peace in the Hearts of Men especially for this album.

It is the hope of IIFWP that these songs can be a source of inspiration and joy as we move towards the day when all people can live as family.

The Executive Producers wish to express their gratitude to all who contributed to this effort: Executive Producers: Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, Dr. Thomas Walsh. Song contest producers: David Eaton, Diego Costa, Brian Hardgrove. Mastering: Roy Clark. Design: Jonathan Gullery

Special thanks to Alistair Farrant, Josh Cotter, Kurt Garrison, Daniela Costa, Pico Garcez, Dirk Anthonis, World CARP, the New Jerusalem Band, the New York City Symphony and Artist Association for World Peace.

For additional information or to purchase the Peace Is In Our Hands CD contact:

IIFWP at: www.iifwp.org

NYC Symphony at: NYCSYM@aol.com

Peace Is In Our Hands

Peace Songs of the World Culture and Sports Festival, 2004

Featuring the award winning entries of the IIFWP peace song-writing contest.

1.) The Cup of Peace (3:20) (David Eaton/Diego Costa/Kurt Garrison) Vocals by Raoul Joseph & Laleh

2.) We Are* (5:06) (Chris Alan Derflinger) Vocals and Piano by Chris Alan.

3.) Peace Is In Our Hands* (4:27) (Laurel Sayre) Vocals by Laurel

4.) Truth Brings Peace* (3:31) (Sunmarie Allen) Vocal by Laleh

5.) Sacred Circle (3:28) (Laleh/Barry Goldstein) Vocals by Laleh

6.) God Never Forgets (4:04) (Miyuki Harley) Vocal and Piano by Miyuki

7.) What Would Peace Be Like?* (4:14) (Bobby Maull II) Vocals by Bobby*

8.) In Godís Eyes* (4:07 ) (Jena Eisenberg) Vocal by Laleh/Piano by Jena

9.) Peace in the Middle East (5:54) (Tes) Produced and performed by Tes

10.) Heart to Heart (4:02) (David Eaton/Laleh) Vocals by Laleh

11.) Peace In The Hearts of Men (3:49) (Kurt Garrison/Diego Costa) Vocals by Diego

12.) A Song For Love (4:00) (Gaya) Produced and performed by Gaya

*Denotes an award winning entry of the 2004 World Cultural and Sports Festival Peace Song-Writing Contest.

"When the world is at peace, when all things are at rest, when all obey their superiors through all lifeís changes, then music can be brought to perfection. Perfected music has its effects. When desires and emotions do not follow false paths, then music can be perfected. Perfected music has a cause. Justice arises from the true purpose of the world. Therefore one can speak of music only with one who has recognized the true purpose of the world." From "The Spring and Autumn," Lu Bu Ve.

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