Unification News for July 2004

FFWPU Releases New Hoon Dok Hae Audio Editions

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, North America is proud to announce a new series of audio Hoon Dok Hae speeches produced in the Compact Disc format. The initial series of seven CDs is a compilation of 13 historical speeches including Fatherís Madison Square Garden speech (The New Future of Christianity) as well as the historical series of Hoon Dok Hae messages given at East Garden in May and June of 2003.

Recited by Mary Anglin, these audio versions are a great addition to the HDH materials that are so essential to our life of faith. Having the portability of CDs allows for listening to Fatherís words while traveling, at work and home.

Individual volumes are priced at $10 each (plus $3 for U.S. shipping and handling.) The complete seven CD set is $50 (plus $5 per set for shipping and handling.) To Order: Write HSA-UWC Financial/HDH CDs, 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036. You can also fax your order to 212-575-5105 or e-mail your order: account@hsanahq.org

Volume 1 "The New Future of Christianity"(77:04) September 18, 1974/MSG, NY

Volume 2 "The Future of Christianity" (68:15) October 28, 1973/New Orleans, LA

Volume 3 "Godís Hope for Man" (51:40) October 20, 1973/Washington, DC, "The Owner of Recreation" (25:15) May 2, 2003/East Garden, NY

Volume 4 Hoon Dok Hae (39:28) May 17, 2003/Washington, DC, Pledge Service (26:31) June 1, 2003/Washington, DC ACLC Clergy Return From Israel (11:05) May 20, 2003/East Garden, NY

Volume 5 "Godís Hope for America" (51:40) October 21, 1973/Washington, DC. Hoon Dok Hae (21:44) May 24, 2003/East Garden, NY

Volume 6 Hoon Dok Hae (38:47) May 10, 2003/East Garden, NY. Hoon Dok Hae (20:55) May 22, 2003/East Garden, NY . "Declaratory Prayer for the Day of the Great Transition to the Realm of Dominion of the Ideal of Creation" (11:06) May 4, 2003/East Garden, NY

Volume 7 Pledge-41st True Day of All Things (36:36) May 31, 2003/Washington, DC. "Godís Way of Life" (33:00) September 17, 1974/New York, NY

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