Unification News for July 2004

NY Three-Day Workshops

by Rev. Chen Lawrence Fong

New York regional headquarters so far has sponsored 2 three-day Divine Principle workshops for beginner on May 14-16 and May 28-30 at UTS. Heaven blessed us with wonderful guests, fine staff unity, good lecture presentations and fine spring weather.

The first Three-Day Workshop was the fruit of the first forty day witnessing condition. We invited our neighboring regions, New Jersey, upstate NY, Boston, their guests to participate with us. This created a richer spiritual and social environment. The second workshop hosted Hispanic guests. All presentations had Spanish interpretation for guests. Before each workshop I asked our workshop committee to prayed for all known guests.

The two workshop program ran smoothly. I was surprised there we no apparent negativity only seriously opened-minded guests who were prepared to listen. I was very pleased and grateful for the staffís cooperation. They were united in creating a welcoming, friendly, spiritually alive atmosphere. The staff members had a mature understanding that taking care of guests is the foremost of our responsibility.

I see all the time members casually engaging in conversation with guests. The lecturers made heartfelt clear presentations and expressed mature understanding of the topics On the second day of the second workshop the guests began to ask many questions eagerly engaging in discussion. Certain answers need to be deferred to a future advanced DP workshop creating the need for further study. The first workshop, the video of the Middle East Peace Initiative was shown during dinner augmented by members testimonies if Israel. I never felt prouder of our faithful members, True Father and our movement. We had discussion on the value of creating personal prayer time and members shared their life transforming experiences because of prayer.

I look forward to improving future workshops where we will be more effective educating while creating a richer spiritual atmosphere. This past Memorial day weekend was exactly 30 years ago that I first attended workshop at UTS. It is a privilege just to be part of Godís rebirth of future spiritual children. I experience a second rebirth through them.

But my sadness is the difficulty to find manpower organizing the staff of the second workshop. It almost didnít happened. Surely there are members who want to help teach, coordinate, tech support, play music sing, lead in games and sports, prayer HDH, etc. Since the 70ís we members have experienced God and True Parents a lot and grown a lot. Each of us have something to offer to our spiritual posterity. Also, we encourage members to attend the weekend workshops. One doesnít have to be part of the staff. If there is more manpower and for those who want it I will facilitate separate sessions coaching members to teach DP in these workshop.

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