Unification News for July 2004

Interfaith Leaders Address "Crown" Controversy

Support Recognition of Rev. Moon at Capitol Hill Ceremony

Rabbi Dr. Mordehi Waldman - Michigan

On March 23, 2004, I experienced what I feel was a great miracle! I was witness to hundreds of Christians, Muslims, and Jews from many nations and all races who gathered together under the aegis of the Rev. Sun Myung Moonís movement to promote peace (shalom) and reconciliation between the children of their One Father, Avrahum Avinoo, Abraham, our Father.

To see this, to me, as a peace-loving Jew, was and is a miracle. I was so moved that I sounded my shofar so that the sounds would rise to the throne of G-d Himself in Heaven to remember the greatness of our Father Abraham; and that angels, when they hear the sound of the shofar by a Jew, will scurry to the throne of G-d to ask "Is it now time for G-d to finally after thousands of years reveal Himself as the only one true G-d of the universe and finally send the true, Jewish Messiah for the first, last and only time now? The world needs peace and justice forever.

Imam Ameer P. Salahudídin - New Jersey

I have had an opportunity to make three trips to Israel to work for peace. I witnessed the sincerity and commitment and spirit of Rev. Moonís movement. Rev. Moon in his charitable way donated computers to both the Jewish and Palestinian children. He teaches living for the sake of others is the real love. This is indeed the way of the prophets and agreeable to all Muslims. I see Rev. Moon as a universal teacher of truth, calling all who can hear to what is right. God bless Rev. Moon.

Imam Marzuk A. Jaami, Texas

I am here in support of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace that was founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon to bring together Jews, Christians and Muslims to work together for peace in our nation and in the world.

On behalf of all of us who make up the Unification Movement, we are grateful to G-d and His true and righteous Prophets and Saints of our common spiritual tradition who prepared the foundation on which we stand and organize our struggle. Peace under G-d and the father of those faiths. Now we have been blessed to work in Jerusalem with Israelis and Palestinians and throughout the world. May God continue to bless the Unification Church and Rev. Moon.

Bishop Dr. C. Phillip Johnson, Washington, D.C.

Working with ACLC and Rev. Moon has helped me to move to a different level of ministry, namely that of moving beyond religious tolerance to a gospel of inclusion. The work that we are engaged in focuses on bringing together the Abrahamic faiths and the ushering in of peace initiatives for the entire world. This principle is not being taught in our seminaries today. The time has come for a new and bolder leadership that is not restricted by religious and denominational traditions.

Minister Steve Muhammad

As a Muslim and believer in Allah (God) the Supreme Being, Creator of the Heavens and Earth, I feel that Rev. Moonís effort to break down barriers among the three faiths of Abraham and bring together Christians, Jews and Muslims is very important to world peace. At a time when the world is polarized on issues of faith and religion, it is heartwarming to see a man of God teach unity and love when the world is teaching division and hate.

Rev. Carl V. Rawls - Selma, Alabama

I was honored to attend the March 23 ceremony. It was a warm and loving feeling to see all people, the three faiths (Christian, Muslim, and Jewish) come together for one cause. That was peace and reconciliation. Before I attended the event, I was a part of a team that delivered the letter of invitation to congressional members and expressed a personal desire for them to attend. Some congressional members were unavailable and invitations were left with their staff. So this letter was not only faxed but also hand delivered.

I joined the ACLC a year ago. I have never seen anyone spread the message of peace like Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He is the only religious leader that I know that has brought together the Abrahamic faiths. I have been a part of all five "Peace" pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Itís nothing that Iím told or reading about, but Iím a part of a great divine movement of peace and reconciliation not under Rev. Moon, but as he states, under one God. Iíve been richly blessed since Iíve become a part of this spiritual movement. No one has put a gun to my head and made me denounce Jesus or that heís the Son of God. No one has told me that I must denounce Missionary Baptists. And certainly no one has "brainwashed" me. I Thank God for choosing me to be a part of this movement: a movement of knocking down barriers and spreading peace and love. How befitting it was on March 23 to acknowledge the man and woman who are leading this wonderful movement: the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

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