Unification News for July 2004

North Carolina Crown of Peace Event

by Rev. Burgi Hutcherson

On Monday May 24th in the evening, we held our NC Crown of Peace Event at the Hawthorn Inn Conference Center in Winston-Salem.

The event was a wonderful success on the foundation and support of our ACLC Ministers. We had over 100 people (about 74 guests and 26 FFWPU members) attending. There were at least 12 different churches and mosques participating. People came from Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro and Winston-Salem and vicinity.

Mr. John Pace, representative of the AFC of NC was the MC of the program. He did a nice job guiding us through the program.

Bishop Willie Davis, Jr., Pastor of the Christ Rescue Temple Apostolic Church and ACLC-NC Co-Chairman gave the "Welcome and Invocation", followed by Rev. Byung Seok Cho, Regional Director of FFWPU and ACLC Co-Chairman giving the Congratulatory Remarks. He read excerpts of Fathers Words from the 50th Anniversary Celebration of HSA-UWC.

While a delicious dinner was served Mrs. Yasuyo Hattori Cho, wife of the Rev. Byung Seok Cho, delighted us with some songs played on her keyboard. Then Vocalist Cynthia Hill sang from all her heart the song: "In All of His Glory". Next the Youth Choir of the Christ Rescue Temple treated us to two songs. The 16 committed singers and players poured their heart out to a filled room.

Then the Mayor of Pro Tempore of Winston-Salem, Mrs. Vivian Burke took the podium and brought "Greetings from the City". She spoke embracing and appreciative about the work of bringing unity and harmony amongst all faith and the building of godly families. I was happy that she had accepted our invitation despite some conflict in her schedule. She also received proudly and gratefully the Ambassador of Peace Award.

Minister Willie Muhammad, Assistant Regional Minister of the Nation of Islam and local Minister of Greensboro Mosque # 92, shared a testimony about Father Moon and his work. He is a committed to the pathway Father is teaching and recognizes and accepts that pathway as the only pathway for all humanity to go. He was well received and understood.

Now we had arrived at the very special moment when we could show the video "True Parents’ Crown of Peace Ceremony". Everyone was really attentive to the overwhelming pictures shown on the video. How could anyone watching that video deny the magnitude of True Parents work in the world? I felt so proud about True Parents.

Then Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr. – a native of NC – took the microphone and gave the keynote address. He could touch the heart of the people. "He is so real" Cynthia Hill commented. "He is at his absolute best!" others stated excitingly. He could break down walls and bring all people into one accord. He was doing an extraordinary job embracing the people present. Most of them were either of Christian or Moslem faith.

In celebrating the reconciliation and peace of all people Bishop guided us in a "Celebration Toast." The Holy Spirit filled the room. There was peace and joy present. Then we recognized six more new Ambassador of Peace, leaders in religion and business.

The event concluded with the song "Let there be peace on earth" lead strongly by Archbishop Stallings, a closing prayer given by Bishop Willie Davis, Jr. and "Three Cheers of Mansei" by Mr. John Pace.

I appreciate the prayers and support of the FFWPU families centering on our Regional Leader Rev. Byung Seok Cho, the overwhelming support of the ACLC Ministers, especially Bishop Willie Davis and his youth choir and staff members, Minister Willie Muhammad from Greensboro and Minister Mikal Muhammad from Winston-Salem for coming and bringing a great delegation from their mosques. I am deeply thankful the support of the Mayor Pro Tempore, my parents-in laws, other relatives, friends and neighbors.

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