Unification News for July 2004

North Dakota Crown of Peace Awards

by Cindy Pfeiffer, John Foss

On Sunday, May 16, North Dakota held The Crown of Peace Mini-conference at the Holiday Inn Fargo. Although, our group was small in number (17), it was large in quality of heart and spirit. Dedicated participants travel as long as 6 hours from the farthest points of North Dakota and the Lake Region of Minnesota. Wayne White Eagle, representing the Three Affiliated Tribes, traveled 6 hours from New Town, ND Jim & Bernadette Ehlers and Randy Mertz traveled six hours from Minot, ND. Joan McCaslin came from Calaway, MN and Rev. Terry Tilton from Breckenridge, Minnesota.

Masters of Ceremony Cindy Pfeiffer (AFC director) coordinated the program flow. Rev. Terry Tilton from Breckenridge Methodist Church opened with a prayer for peacemakers to come forth, for us not to feel secure behind weapons but rely on the love and truth of Jesus.

John Foss (FFWPU director), who attended the December 22 Heart the Heart Rally, presented a summary of video clips he called "footsteps of Jesus" showing historical sites he visited up the Jordon to the Galilee, and the holy sites around Jerusalem. He concluded with the March and Rally, making a special effort for all to understand the historical significance of the Temple Mount Reconciliation and the Coronation Ceremony of Jesus.

Larry Olson, North Dakota's MEPI representative added his deep personal testimony, recalling the moving experiences of the holy sites, spontaneous prayers and the singing of hymns, and his personal experience of reading the beatitudes on the Mount of the Beatitudes.

Cindy's heart-filled introduction of Wayne White Eagle brought him forward to receive the Ambassador of Peace Award. She called for repentance and forgiveness to bring us together as one family. Wayne was especially moved by the embrace of the Muslim and Jewish leaders on the Temple Mount. His deep and sincere testimony spoke of his spiritual journey from a life of suffering and sickness, to the same awakening spiritually he saw taking place in Israel. He poetically called it "stepping stones to Heaven".

Larry Olson and Bernadette Ehlers were given special honors for their participation in events in Korea and the Holy Lands. Larry, Wayne White Eagle and Bernadette embraced in a Bridge of Peace. Our own "Reconciliation Ceremony "became the center point of our event.

After lunch and a celebration cake, all witnessed the wonderful the video of the March 23 event. Some in attendance were wiping tears. Bernadette lead us all in three "O Mansei's".

Special thanks to Judy Pfeiffer, Jenny Wiebesick and Rygo Foss. Judy and Jenny provided beautiful flute music before the program and during lunch. Rygo set the stage and equipment. Thanks to Keiko Foss and Joan McCaslin for Hospitality and for Registration.

We give thanks to God and our True Parents for their constant love and effort made to complete our lives.

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