Unification News for July 2004

Missouri ACLC

by Rev. Charles Cherutich and Rev. Carl Swearson

"Marriage is not an ice cube. You cannot dissolve it, for if you do, there will remain a residue of bitterness and a stain on Godís Plan". So began Bishop Cannida of the Greater True Vine Ministries, June 26, 2004

. She was the keynote speaker at the Missouri June ACLC Prayer Breakfast. The title of her speech was "The Womanís role in creating a Peaceful marriage". In her address to the fifty participants gathered at the Salad Bowl Banquet Center on June 26th, she gave a passionate plea for young men and women to remain abstinent before marriage. "Dating creates a tired, unstable personality. A bride that lacks inner peace will be an unhappy wife".

She encouraged married couples to do the constant, heavy work of maintaining a healthy and peaceful marriage. She reminded the audience that it is not whom you marry, but how you marry, and that women set the tone in the marriage relationship.

The theme of this monthís meeting was "Parenting and the Role of Marriage in Todayís Society."

The new video "In Search of an Ideal: An Introduction to the Unification Movement" was presented by Rev. Carl Swearson, AFC director. It was well received, with several guests being impressed particularly with Rev Moonís peacemaking in the Middle East.

Rev. Earlice Wrice, ACLC-Missouri Executive Director, did an impressive job as MC, and encouraged the audience, including several new attendees, to continue working for strong families and effective parenting.

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