Unification News for July 2004

Los Angeles ACLC Prayer Breakfast

by Rev. Henning

Saturday, June 19, 2004, at the McCarty Memorial Christian Church in Los Angeles the monthly prayer breakfast celebrated the victory of the Women for Peace activities in Jerusalem and introduced new contacts to the Unification Worldview Seminar though a sample presentation by Rev. T. L. Henning entitled "The Restoration of True Lineage". The event turned out to be a musical extravaganza.

Origin, the choir, opened the meeting with a medley of songs, followed by a special memorial rendition of "America" in the style of Ray Charles, performed by Rick Joswick. (The funeral for the Ray Charles had been held just the day before in South Los Angeles.) Several were astonished at the voice and keyboard style of the famous singer coming from our brother. Next, Rev. Nathan Nolen, President of the Mt. Zion, MBC congregation where Dr. E. V. Hill had pastured, gave the invocation. His wife, recovered from cancer, attended this event to the great joy and relief of all who know her.

Readings, representing the sons of Abraham and emphasizing Godís desire for true peace, were read from the Psalms by Rev. Millsap, from the beatitudes by Rev. Ashley, from the Quaíran by Dr. Taj and a Founderís Message from the 50th Anniversary of the Family Federation speech read by Rev. Brown. After a few remarks about the recent State Supreme Court decision to reject the lawsuit against schools reciting the "one nation under God" clause; the Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the food was blessed by Rev. Wright.

A wonderful breakfast featured ham and eggs and hash browns, plenty of fresh fruit salad and assorted pastries. Brothers and sisters served their guests hot and cold drinks. Volunteers had prepared in the kitchen from 6:30 that morning and Mrs. Henning headed up the kitchen staff. The food may seem like a incidental point, but when thereís plenty, itís delicious, and presented beautifully, the atmosphere of the meeting becomes joyful and celebrative. This event was another very happy occasion and everyone seemed very pleased.

Magdeline Millsapís voice added so much to the atmosphere as she sang "Amazing Grace" and" Walking in Jerusalem" backed up by the Sadoc Christian Singers. After the "Path to Peace" video presentation, Rev. Sheri Rueter of the Los Angeles Family Church introduced Mrs. Norma Foster, our keynote speaker. Her report and testimony, illustrated by 23 slide pictures, showed how significant the womenís work in Jerusalem can be for realizing a lasting peace in the Middle East.

Another major purpose of the program was to bring ministers into the Unification Worldview Seminar program being taught now three times a week in three locations. Rev. Henning gave a presentation packed with new insights from Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon on the preparation of Jesus lineage and the reverse course of the human fall carried out in the lives of key figures of Biblical history. The ten-minute presentation was challenging and yet very Biblical. [Several new ministers attended the Monday class yesterday to hear the presentation on the Human Fall. We expected five ministers and eight showed up.] The meeting closed with prayer from our host, Dr. Peavey.

The Prayer Breakfast inspired several ministers to offer their gospel bands and choirs to support our future events and several are busy inviting their colleagues to our upcoming events. The Spirit is moving, the excitement is spreading. Letís proclaim the Sovereignty of God and the Era of the Peace Kingdom!

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