Unification News for July 2004

Women of Peace Together in Washington

by Angelika Selle

This is the headline of an old pamphlet of the WFWP: "If the women of the world can become sisters, the men canít fight warsÖ" Mrs. Caroline Betancourt held up this precious piece of literature, which she had found by accident just the day before a joint breakfast meeting in Washington DC on May 15 among women of the ACLC and the WFWP. Women, sisters and mothers had come together in unity, love, prayer and fellowship to prepare for the upcoming historic journey to the Holy Land. A spirit of peace and joy was already present in the conference room of the United Federation of Churches (UFC) Building which is also referred to as "Godís Embassy of Peace" as the women walked in the door each bringing a dish for breakfast. There were exactly 10 women in attendance, representing different races and nationalities, a miniature United Nations gathering.

Rev. Debbie Taylor, executive director of the newly formed ACLC Womenís Auxiliary Ad Hoc Committee, greeted everyone warmly and invited Mrs. Caroline Betancourt, the chairwoman of the Washington, DC WFWP to introduce the WFWP and update everyone on the upcoming journey.

Mrs. Betancourt shared about the role of women in history and their contributions, and explained about Mother Hak Ja Han Moon as well as the founding of the WFWP, which upholds the theme of "Living for the sake of others." She explained about the "magic" and power of the "Bridge of Peace," a project of WFWP, that has brought thousands of women of different races and religions together in tears and helped create bonds of love and friendships among former enemies.

Rev. Taylor then read inspirational words from the book "Philosophy of Peace" by True Father, whose words reminded us that peace cannot be realized without God "Losing God was a fundamental mistake"Ö(p 171)

"Peace begins with me," Rev. Taylor said, and, "How pleasant it is for sisters to dwell together in unity." Rev. Taylor also emphasized that men alone didnít mess up, yet that it was now the women whom God is calling to fulfill a unique role in the process of reconciliation that only they can fulfill as mothers. Rather spontaneously, Rev. Taylor then asked all women to line up on both sides of a cardboard bridge that was set up in the room by the WFWP. There was no particular sequence as to who should be "matched" with whom. Mrs. Betancourt and Rev. Taylor embraced, representing the two newly matched organizations, one of a more internal and spiritual nature (religion) and the other more horizontally established and broad (politics); they also embraced as women of the black and white races bridging in heart and spirit the gap that still needs healing.

Everyone had a "new"sister and joyful chatter filled the room.

After that we showed "The Path to Peace" film as an introduction for the ongoing ACLC efforts in the Middle East which brought many women to tears. Minister Angelika Selle commented on the first trip to Jerusalem and the internal nature thereof. "Even though we are going there as women participating in various social activities, this trip, too, has a very deep internal meaning to it." She pointed out that in order to move the women in the Middle East to forgive one another and to bring reconciliation between Sarah and Hagar, "we women here in this room need to put aside all our differences and unite together in love. Prayer, tears and repentance was the foundation for the very first trip to the Holy Land, and as we open up a new level of Godís providence as women we need to begin again from this very humble position. Prayer and our unity will be the key to overcome the seemingly impossible obstacles. As one of our women clergy told me, "The heart of the matter is in the kingís hand, but the heart of the king is in Godís hand!"

Dr. Atiba Haupt then took the women to another level, explaining about why women are being called at this time in history to bring healing. Women, representing the divine feminine aspect of God of the Elohim, meaning "He and She are We" which is the Hebrew term for the divine thus, "let us make man in our image", hence also the term "Father Mother God", are now being recognized in their feminine essence as healers ad nurturers to help facilitate the process of healing bringing a motherís heart into every situation that will dissipate, melt and balance the aggressive elements in history. Dr. Atiba confirmed that indeed this trip is of a very internal nature in its mission, and each woman, each daughter of God, needs to be a portal, an instrument, for the Most High and be willing to be "used" in a divine way. She also highlighted the significance of the place of our activities, the city of Jerusalem, by explaining the deeper meaning of the energy sound of each syllable of the word: Ja-ru-salem. Ja stands for the heart place where Godís heart is to be. Ru means I am open and receptive, and Salem means the heart and womb of humanity, all together meaning a new recognition of the heart of God, the divine feminine and the divine masculine balanced and integrated, whole as one.

Very inspired by her message, all women collectively read the jointly produced "Women of Peace" Declaration and signed it.

Mrs. Claire Daugherty, wife of the national executive director of the ACLC, pointed out the parallels of history between, on the one hand, the Jewish people and the Palestinians in Israel and, on the other, here in United States between the Native Americans and whites as well as between the black and whites. "Christians from Europe were called to these shores to bring Christ to this land," she said. "The Canadian French and the Native Americans in many cases intermarried and created a harmonious blend. The English, however, brought violence, imposing their culture on the native people. They didnít recognize the deep spirituality of the Native Americans. Pocahontas was one Native American woman who is remembered in history who did cross the barriers of race and established an exchange marriage."

The Africans who came to these shores were sold off into servitude at first with the promise that after 7 years, just like the whites, they would receive and own their own land. If that promise would have been kept and that plan followed, all African-Americans today would be prosperous. We Christians got in the way and we need to repent to them for thatÖ

In that light, the plight of the Native Americans and African-Americans strike a deep chord in the hearts of the Palestinians and Jewish people because of their common course of suffering.

Mrs. Daugherty also highlighted the spiritual leadership of Harriet Tubman, who was called the Moses of her people and brought many slaves into freedom through the Underground Railroad. Harriet, a women of great faith, relied totally on Godís guidance and protection as she went countless times, facing great danger, straight into the lionís den (South), but stayed alive and unharmed. Mrs. Daugherty called on the women who are about to go on this trip to take Mrs. Tubman as an example of a woman who risked her life in order to save her people.

Finally. Mrs. Reiko Jenkins, wife of the president of the FFWPU and co-chairman of the ACLC, who had just come back from a 6-week sabbatical in Korea, graciously thanked all women, saying that what was most important, that we women become pure in heart and mind in order to be better vessels for God. Even though women are called to play a historic role at this time, God cannot use us based on our own opinions, positions, titles, etc. but based upon our sincere heart, sacrifice and pure motivation.

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