Unification News for July 2004

Proclamation and Rallies: True Parents' Life in Korea

In Korea, True Parents continue to offer their sincere devotion for the complete settlement of God's fatherland and the Peace Kingdom. In particular, they are devoting themselves to building up a new tradition of the Ahn Shi Il (Day of the Attendance of Safe Settlement), which will come every 8 days after May 5. On May 5, 2004, Father proclaimed the Ssang Hap Sip Seung Il, which was the first Ahn Shi Il. On the second Ahn Shi Il, Father held the "Rally for the Harmony and Unification of Yeong-nam and Ho-nam Regions" at the Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu, where 4300 people gathered. On the third Ahn Shi Il, Father held the "Declaration Rally for Absolute Value for the Sake of Harmony and Unification" at the Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu. Then, 15,000 people attended this rally. A brief summary of these events follows.

May 5

Father proclaimed the "Ssang Hap Sip Seung Il" on the first Ahn Shi Il at Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu. The meaning of this day is that "The vertical 5 for the month of May and the horizontal 5 of the 5th day come together, and become 10 on this day." Ssang Hap Sip Seung Il is the day when good restores this world which began from evil, and when the era of the evil satanic kingdom is cleansed and the era of the kingdom centering on true love is restored. God has prevailed over all things of the "era before heaven"(Seon Cheon Shidae) which began from the fall. We can now begin in the "era after the coming of heaven" (Hoo Cheon Shidae). Ssang Hap Sip Seung Il is the day when the "era before heaven" and the "era after the coming of heaven" are combined. On this day of May 5, the era changed from the "era before heaven" to the "era after the coming of heaven." Originally, centering on Jesus, the "era before Jesus (B.C.)" and the "era after Jesus (A.D.)" should have combined; but Jesus was crucified, and it was not fulfilled. True Parents stand in the position to restore this through indemnity.

May 13

Father held the "Rally for the Harmony and Unification of Yeong-nam and Ho-nam" (2 provinces in Korea) on May 13, the second Ahn Shi Il. Yeong-nam is another name of Keong-sang-do, and Ho-nam is another name of Cheol-ra-do. Historically, the relationship between Keong-sang-do and Cheol-ra-do has not been good. People of each region have hated each other. The rally started with 4,300 members from Yoeng-nam and Ho-nam regions. Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak read messages from the spirit world and then gave a lecture about the way of unification of Yeong-nam and Ho-nam regions and the unification of North and South Korea. Father gave a speech titled "What is the Origin of Unification and Harmony?" saying," The origin (God) is the treasure which never changes for tens of thousands of years. If it is visible, people will struggle with each other in order to get it. If Yeong-nam and Ho-nam try to unite with each other by themselves, it is difficult; but True Parents, the savior, the Messiah, can help make them unite with each other; it is possible. Everything will be solved in this way."

May 21

True Parents hosted the "Declaration Rally for Absolute Values for the Sake of Harmony and Unification," which was held on the third Ahn Shi Il in Yeosu, with a gathering of 15,000 participants. On a very beautiful and shiny day, Father spoke to the people with the title "Declaration of the Absolute Values for the Sake of Harmony and Peace." He said, "We have to complete the family with true love by which we can sacrifice and devote ourselves for the sake of others, and with the absolute value that we can become the owner of love only with my object partner. Then we need to extend the family to the level of society, nation, and cosmos. This is the core thought of the ideal kingdom in the 'era after the coming of heaven' (Hoo Cheon Shidae). So, we cannot live just freely as we like."

With this providential start True Parents declared the "elimination of the Cain-Abel era" and have been setting conditions in Yeosu and laying a foundation for kicking off the traditions of the new world of God's sovereignty in the era after the coming of heaven.

The main points that Father made during hoondokhae sessions in June can be summarized as follows: First, the sexual organ is the palace of love. Second, the mind precedes the body and is eternal. Third, he emphasized the importance of the blood lineage.

On each Ahn Shi Il, pledge service was held with all the Korean leaders from providential organizations. On July 6th, Father explained the purpose of his stay and conditions in Yeosu. He said that the eighty-day period until July 16th is the time for writing the introduction to the great transition, which is connected to the establishment of Ahn Shi Il, which goes beyond the number eight. Father stated that by fulfilling and eighty-five-day period (symbolizing Father's age of 85 years) until July 21st, he was offering a condition to dissolve everything that may obstruct the start of the number eight.

From June 7th, a three-day special gathering for Korean leaders was held at Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu. In a speech that he gave, Rev. Sun Jo Hwang stated, "2004 is proceeding through providential situations that are different from the previous age." He went on to explain four major changes that True Parents had recently initiated -- the designation of Cheon Seong Gyeong (Holy Scriptures of Heaven), the establishment of the laws of Ahn Shi Il, the perfection of the Family Pledge, and the declaration of the era of being completely free.

During the hoondokhae on June 17th, Father spoke anew about the returning number (10) saying, "Since the number 1 is the number of a new start and the number 10 is the number of return for a new start centering on the number 10 of Ssang Hab Sib Seung Il, if we failed at the number 1, we can return (to the original point) at the number 10; if we failed at the number 10 we can return at the number 100 through ten-fold hardships. The Day of the Victory of the Number Ten as the Combination of Two Parts is the day when the Cosmic Parent, the Parent of Heaven and Earth, and the Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind grasps the era before heaven with his left hand and grabs the era after the coming of heaven with his right and makes sets on the proper course that which had rotated in reverse. If this goes around in one circle, the tail from the past becomes the head of a new age, and the head of the satanic world becomes the tail in the new age."

The celebration for the 42nd Day of All True Things was held the next day (June 18th). After pledge service Father said, "We have inherited the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, the world after the coming of heaven. I pray that you will become flag bearers and representatives who can establish the honor and dignity of owners and heirs, and this I offer before Heaven, along with the 42nd anniversary for the Day of All Things in this new era after the coming of heaven. Amen." Father had the audience repeat all of that after him.

June 9

Some 400 leaders from around Korea gathered at the hall of the training center by Blue Sea Garden for morning hoondokhae. True Parents entered the hall at 4:52 and sat down in the chairs prepared on the platform. After participants offered their bows to True Parents, Won-ju McDevitt began to read from the book "Heung-jin Moon: Commander in Chief of Heaven". 40 minutes into the hoondokhae father began to speak to the audience:

"You must understand these things. Spirit world was turned upside down and now must be turned right-side up and overhauled. Your responsibility is to overhaul that which was turned upside down. Heung-jin straightened out the things that were reversed in spirit world. You who are on earth must return everything that was upside down back to the position of the parent centered on man with the Cosmic Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Mankind.

"The incorporeal God was the center of the cosmos. He was to settle down centering on the substantial family of love in a substantial body. So the family stands on the foundation of the position representing man who possesses intellect, emotion and will, and also around the values of truth, goodness and beauty. The fruit of truth, goodness and beauty, and the fruit of intellect, emotion and will constitute the family. But spirit world and physical world did not pass above the foundation of the family, so through you, the elder brother, the elder brother can come down to the earth, and the archangel can reverse that which was in the position of the elder brother, and the position of Cain. By serving in the position of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience the spirit world can make itself right.

"The fact that you who are on this earth did not receive the blessing within the satanic world means that the position of Cain has found itself in the position of the younger brother of the blessed family of Abel. With this the realm of Adam's family centered on God is unrelated to the fall. "The archangel does not need the blessing" should be put on hold. The archangel should safeguard the whole of humanity like how he safeguarded Adam's family, and graft into the realm of the family of True Parents. He carries this out in the heaven and earth in your stead, this becoming a position of unity between Cain and Abel. That is why the time has come for the era of Cain to disappear.

"When did I announce the elimination of the era of Cain and Abel? Since I eliminated the realm of Cain the archangels must be absolutely obedient before Adam, spiritually they must be absolutely obedient to Heung-jin and be absolutely obedient to Father. Thus, they can remove themselves from the position of having opposed the son and God and or the first time our ancestors can receive the blessing. No longer are they in the position of the archangel. The archangel can gain the right of ownership which he did not possess before, and can be connected to the spirit world through the family of the Abel-type True Parents on earth.

"Finally the realm of the archangel in spirit world can have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience which the archangel did not have before. Thus the archangel can come down and in the position of the younger sibling he can engraft to the spirit and body of the parents and the children of the parents and stand atop the foundation of the kingship on earth. This time of overcoming this standard, this time of struggle is the time of the construction of the Peace UN and time of going into God's fatherland and the era of the peace kingdom. You must know that the kingdom of heaven on earth has already begun. Do you understand? [Yes!] This must not be vague to you. If you go to spirit world without knowing these things you will not be in alignment."

True Father then explained that all members must bring their brothers and tribe to the blessing, even if they have to use force. Father said that we must transfer our ownership to the church, and that tongbang kyokpa must be completed without fail.

In the morning Father went out to sea with Rev. Hwang Sun-jo, Kim Boo-tae, and Kwak Hee-gu. Father left even before those leaders who were supposed to join him could prepare. That day Father caught a 65-cm mullet and returned before noon. In the afternoon he told the other leaders to go out and fish. Father then spent time with Ye-jin nim who had come down from Seoul.

The leaders who went out to rock-fish in the day returned in the evening for a meeting where they shared best practices in the hoondok church activities in the town, rural district and block.

June 30

On June 30, the eighth Ahn Shi Il pledge service and hoondokhae was held at the assembly hall in the training center at Blue Sea Garden with some 600 members--who included 430 FFWPU leaders, elder church members, leaders of providential organizations, and core members from Japan.

After entering the hall, True Parents, Hyung-jin nim, Yeon-ah nim and the True Grandchildren (Shin-kwang nim, Shin-goong nim, Shin-wol nim, and Shin-joon nim) lined up in front of the stage to pray. After their prayer True Parents offered a bow together. Father and Mother then went on stage and sat before the members gathered in the hall.

Hyung-jin nim, Yeon-ah nim and the grandchildren first offered bows and then the members offered bows. Before the recital of the Family Pledge, Father made the proclamation for "Cheon yo-il" [a day of the week which in English could be translated as "Heavenday"] saying, "The Sabbath day has been a central point of philosophy in history up until this month of June; now the eighth day after the other days will be Cheon yo-il (???). Repeat after me. [Cheon yo-il!] Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, all the way to Saturday, Sunday, Cheon yo-il ["Heavenday"]. This gathering is to commemorate the implementation of this day, which will begin from tomorrow. Behold the start of this day in heaven and on earth. The world will become different now. Do you understand? [Yes!]"

Following the recital of the Family Pledge Rev. and Mrs. Kwak offered the representative prayer. After the prayer Father kept the members standing up and spoke to them:

"The text for hoondokhae this morning comes from the declaration that Father made during the international gathering at the time of Father's 80th birthday. The content of the declaration that day was one representing the coming of a new age. Please connect with and receive those contents at this present time. Since five years have gone by, making Father's age 85, the days to indemnify this five year period should be added -- five days to July 16th, the tenth Ahn Shi Il -- to indemnify and go beyond the number eighty-five.

Designating this day of proclamation in this way, Father will spend his time [here] for one month from that day [July 21] until that day [August 20].  I proclaimed the Nation of the Fourth Israel at Sun Moon University [on August 20, 2003]. Thirty days from July 21 to August 20. Thirty days since July is an odd month. Please understand that I am offering devotions in this place to commemorate this act of liberating, freeing and clearing away everything that pertains to this number that goes beyond the Old Testament era, New Testament era, and Completed Testament era ?centering on the number thirty, three times ten. I came here [to Korea] on April 21, and during my time in Korea until now, I have been offering a special period of devotion. This period in which I offer this devotion to usher in the age of liberating and completely freeing through indemnity all things in heaven and on earth should become a historical period during which you all can visit the holy land of the Korean fatherland.

When we think about the fact that Moses, who was eighty years old, like Father who is eighty years old, took forty years to make the journey to that place, a journey that should have just taken three weeks -- going to the land of Israel from Egypt doesn't even take a week. You all are new citizens of Cheon Il Guk, and must liberate and free God's heart in relation to the providence of restoration for fallen humanity, which began with the purpose of testifying to the glorious beginning of the liberated and free world of original love."

After Father's words, Rev. Kwak read from "World Unification and the Reunification of North and South Korea through True Love"; paragraph one, chapter six, from the book of "Liberation of the Fatherland of the True God" in the "Holy Scriptures of Heaven" for forty minutes. Rev. Kwak ended the hoondokhae with a prayer.

After the prayer, Father came down from the stage and walked amongst the members as he spoke to them, at times in Japanese. Father asked Rev. Oyamada to sing and Rev. Sudo and some of the women leaders to dance.

The eighth Ahn Shi Il pledge service and hoondokhae lasted for about three hours.

After breakfast, True Parents and Hyung-jin nim took the leaders out for fishing to offer devotions out on the sea. True Mother and Hyung-jin nim returned first to Blue Sea Garden a little past noon. Father returned from fishing at 5 pm.

In the evening True Parents spent time with the leaders in the living room of the guest house, and gave guidance on the schedule for July 1. Father had Dr. Seuk Joon-ho give a report on the activities in China.

July 9

Morning hoondokhae at Blue Sea Garden Training Center with 500 members from North and South Jeolla Province and South Gyeongsang Province.

Rev. Moon Pyeong-rae (former region director) leads all members in offering a bow to True Parents. True Father asks where the members are from. Rev. Moon Pyeong-rae answers that they are from North and South Jeolla Province and South Gyeongsang Province. Father asks from what districts of the provinces the members are from. Rev. Moon replies that they are mostly from the cities of Jeonju (N. Jeolla Province) Naju (S. Jeolla Province) and Changwon (S. Gyeongsang Province). Fathers Words:

"In the future you will not be able to meet Father when you want to. Just because you need Father doesn't mean that you will be able to meet me. You will only be able to meet me when I call you because I need you. We should have an even number of members participate from each county. You have to give the Blessing to your tribe even if you have to do it by force. Those who haven't become tribal messiahs to their tribe must be driven out.

In the future you will hear people say that Korea has the most elegant grave sites. I instructed you not to use cremation [for Seung-hwa ceremonies].

I talked about this yesterday; man was created with the precondition of woman. The eyebrow exists because it was known that the eye had to be protected when it rained; eyelashes exist because it was known that the dust had to be kept out; our eyes blink because it was already known that the evaporation of moisture has to be prevented. When we observe these things we can see that cognition precedes existence.

The marriage blessing in July will be a cross-cultural (kyocha) marriage. The sons and daughters of enemies will become couples and live together in happiness. Father is the only person who can accomplish this feat. If an ideology that can make enemies marry each other emerge it will become the ideology for peace.

Using your legs is good for your health. Walking, which uses your two legs, is a way to maintain your health. From the past to the present day, the word "robust" has meant being healthy. The word healthy is one for the present times. It is good for your health to swing both arms as you walk. Last year I had two operations. I cannot be healthy forever.

Some religions call for people to live a celibate life, but the Unification Church is against the practice of remaining single."

True Father instructs Wonju McDevitt to continue hoondokhae from where she left off the previous day. Mrs. McDevitt begins to read from the Holy Scriptures of Heaven (Cheon Seong Gyeong): paragraph 4, chapter 1 from the section "The Life of an Owner of Cheon Il Guk."

After finishing chapter 1 Father had her read from the messages from Pak Maria and Kim Hwal-lan in the spirit world. Father comments "It would have been good if [they] had testified like this during their lifetime."

Father then had Rev. Yoo's family come up and sing. He also had Yeon-ah nim and her father Rev. Lee Seung-dae come up and sing together. As they sang some of the leaders began to dance. With the rising festive atmosphere Father also began to dance.

To wrap up the morning, Mrs. McDevitt sang the first verse of Rock of a Thousand Years and everybody sang the second verse together.

July 10

Morning hoondokhae at Blue Sea Garden Training Center with 600 members from Guri (Gyeonggi Province), Cheongju (North Chungcheong Province) and Chuncheon (Gangwondo). Rev. Kwak leads all members in a bow to True Parents. Father's Words:

"I exercise on the horizontal bar. Even this morning, I did some exercise before coming here. Even now I walk with my back straight so the soles of my shoes are worn down evenly. I had to walk 20 ri (approximately 5 miles /8 km) to get to my elementary school.

I developed a new method for catching mullet. The biggest one I caught so far is 77 cm (30 inch). I need to catch one that is 81 cm but I haven't yet. My conclusion: there are no fish longer than 80 cm here. (laughter)

In the past when I told the Unification Church members that they had to engraft to me they didn't understand. Jesus was the bridegroom. He came to find a woman. There are many women here today. Rev. Moon's job is to save the women, so they must say thank you to me. We need to educate people in purity, pure lineage and pure sexual relations so they do not stain their lineage. Unification women all received education on purity. Now I publicly announce that I am the Savior, Messiah, Second Coming [of Christ] and the True Parent. It is because God told me to do so."

For hoondokhae Mrs. McDevitt read from the Holy Scriptures of Heaven (Cheon Seong Gyeong): paragraph 1, chapter 2 from the section "The Life of an Owner of Cheon Il Guk." Rev. Kwak also read from "The Bald Man and the Strawberry," a book written by Hyung-jin nim. After reading from the book, Rev. Kwak introduced the depth of Hyung-jin nim's heart that he found through this book and informed the members that the book will soon be published. Rev. Kwak then went on to explain about his visit to his alma mater, Gyeongbuk High School and gave a report on the lecture he gave to the principal and teachers there on Father's philosophy of peace and achievements. Rev. Kwak also gave a report on his meeting at the Daegu Grand Hotel with the local soccer officials in Daegu for the 2005 Peace King Cup Tournament and Yeongnam Area Peace Cup Tournament.

Father then asked Professor Moon Sung-jae of Sun Moon University to witness to the other professors at the school. Rev. Peter Kim then sang a song that he said he sung to his wife in bed to teach her Korean.

17:00 ?True Parents returned from their fishing. Even now True Parents are offering sincere devotion through fishing. Members in charge of fishing at the Okjeok reservoir are also participating in this condition. President Moon Yong-hyun, President Moon An-seok and his wife, Kim Yong-woo (reporter) and Peace Ambassador Moon Doo-myung are offering devotions day and night by the fishing site. Hearing that Moon An-seok's wife had begun a seven day fast, True Mother sent Mrs. McDevitt and Lee Sang-su to dissuade her from the fast. At night, those people who work closely with True Mother visited Okjeok reservoir to convey Mother's encouragement to the members there.

July 11

Morning hoondokahe began with the same members as the previous day. Mrs. McDevitt read from the Holy Scriptures of Heaven (Cheon Seong Gyeong): paragraph 2, chapter 2 from the section "The Life of an Owner of Cheon Il Guk."

Thirty minutes into the reading True Father began to speak to the members:

"The Fall! The Fall means falling away from one's original position. The Fall overturned the blood lineage. Instead of receiving God's lineage fallen man received the satanic lineage. A person centering on God cannot have a struggle between his mind and body. You must know that the blood lineage of the enemy is planted within you through the union of the love and life of the enemy. This is what Father discovered. I fought with this and resolved it. Unless you know this and unless you pass that gate you cannot go before God. The path where the body and mind are one for eternity is the path of heaven. That is why Rev. Moon has proclaimed that before you desire to have dominion over the universe you must perfect dominion of yourself."

Then Professor Moon Sang-hee gave a testimony on how she acquired her doctorate degree. Members offered their bow to True Parents to end hoondokhae. But then Father began to speak again with the members standing up. Summary of Father's Words:

"The kingdom of God on earth and in heaven can be established when God becomes the God of character and multiplies children through the body of man. The cosmos is the house of God. God does not have any form. In the Unification Principle God is described as the harmonized subject of dual characteristics and exists as the subject partner with the qualities of masculinity. That is the essence of the entire introduction [of the Unification Principle]. The cosmos is the intangible God and has the form of a house without an owner. The Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind became the owner, thereby becoming the God of character. The minds and bodies of the cosmos, and of heaven and earth, became one in the position of the owner as the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Through their love, man and woman can be brought together to establish the family that can generate a new lineage. From there, centering on the children, the basic unit of the heavenly nation can be established from the family to the tribe and nation (people)."

Rain began to fall in Yeosu as the seasonal rain front (i.e. the rainy season) from China began to advance towards the Korean peninsula. Even in the rain True Parents went out to offer devotions at the sea. Now only a few days remain until the end of Father's 80-day condition. True Parents are waiting for that day when they can offer an 80 cm fish to heaven. Those attending True Parents also went out to sea on a different boat to be part of this condition period with True Parents.

Focusing on the True Parents' will with the same heart itself can be seen as an offering. Catching the big fish and ending this offering period is of course important but the process in which all participants work toward the same goal with an ardent mind–this is also as important as the end result. We all still need more training to have a more sincere heart.

In the evening in the living room of the guest house, Rev. Hwang Sun-jo and Professor Son Dae-oh gave a report on their three day trip to Inner Mongolia in China. Professor Son reported that the event hosted by the "Ideal Family Federation for Peace in the East," which is registered in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, was a success. He said preparations for the upcoming rally were underway with the cooperation of the Wives Association under the Chinese Communist Party and the Office of Civilian Affairs. Professor Son gave a detailed explanation of the rally to Father. Rev. Hwang said that this trip felt like a trip to his hometown, and gave a report on the lecture he gave to the people there. Father listened attentively to the report and gave instructions about future activities in China.

Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan, who arrived a little late to this meeting, gave a report on his trip to Namhae that day, where he conveyed Father's philosophy of Peace to his tribe as a part of tribal restoration activities. Kim Jung-su, National Messiah to Costa Rica presented a turtle gift made from a 1,000 year old yew tree to True Parents.

Father spoke until 11:40 pm.

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