Unification News for July 2004

Blessed Family Camp in Kansas

by Barbara Karnowski

The Kansas blessed families got together for a 2-day camp in Council Grove, Kansas, where the prairie was still full of wild flowers on Memorial Day weekend.

Older second generation children took responsibility for the younger second generation. All parents pitched in for the different tasks necessary to make the camp successful.

One night the kids were able to experience the majesty of GodÕs creation through the vastness of the stormy sky off in the distance.

Parents and the older second generation got to teach the Divine Principles. The many breaks were filled with exciting activities like an obstacle course.

Parents were able to reminisce about the good old days. Everyone enjoyed singing around the campfire.

Everyone wants to have the camp again next year as the campgrounds and lake were so beautiful. We welcome more families!

Contact: barbkarn@kansas.net. 1-785-535-4514

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