Unification News for June 2004

New Video: "In Search of an Ideal: An Introduction to the Unification Movement"

by Rev. Phillip Schanker

A new video entitled "In Search of an Ideal: An Introduction to the Unification Movement," is available from FFWPU headquarters. One VHS copy was sent last week via Fedex to each region, and by mail to each state. Additional copies should not be reproduced by making lower-quality VHS-to-VHS copies. Low-cost copies are available from the FFWPU Education Department in VHS, DVD or CD formats, as explained below.

This 17-minute video is a temporary, interim support tool designed to present an overview of the Unification experience, for use in introductory situations, whether loaned to a contact, presented in a Tribal Messiah’s home meeting, or shown at a workshop or introductory program. In order to effectively use this video, and to help us design an even better one, please consider the following:

What the Video Is

The video begins with "live" moments from the Middle East reconciliation experience, to catch the viewer’s interest and awareness that something real and powerful is taking place. The movement is presented in the context of offering contemporary solutions to age-old problems, in a time of global uncertainty. Three sections follow, on the Teaching, the Founder, and the Activities. The video then describes the heart of the movement as recreating the ideal of family (the teaching is first presented in that context), and then moves to the search for peace, highlighting the process of reconciliation and forgiveness, from the founder’s experience to the role of religion and again, the "live" experience in the Middle East. It closes with a simple invitation to those who identify with peace through reconciliation and renewing the ideal of family to work with us to make God’s dream, and our own hopes for peace and happiness, a reality.

What the Video Is Not

A. As an introductory teaching piece, the film focuses on the ideals, values, and principles of the movement, rather that on organizational names, confusing acronyms (IIFWP, IIPC, MEPI, WFWP, etc.), or leaders & personalities. The only organization identified is at the close, when the name, address and phone number of the Family Federation is on-screen. The only personality identified is the founder.

Lacking the time and money to write and film a more personalized introduction to the Unification experience, the film relies on existing footage of the movement’s events, activities and history, and stock footage to illustrate family, religion, and other general concepts. While trying to make the message personally relevant to the viewer’s needs and interests, and address the question, "What is there in the Unification faith for me?"… it is still in the more promotional, busy style of recent films on ACLC and providential events.

How to Use This Film

Though the film cannot convey the personal and intimate experience of our faith community, that is what YOU can convey, through personal friendship, in-home meetings, fellowship at the center and the workshop experience. It is therefore not a replacement for personal outreach, but can be a good complement to these types of programs and experiences, showing the bigger vision and broad purpose of the movement.

We look forward to feedback and suggestions for development of an effective introductory video to the Unification faith from leaders and Tribal Messiahs. More importantly, we would appreciate hearing the response of your guests and those less familiar with the Unification Movement. A guided response form will be sent out soon.

Our current productions cost between $5,000 and $10,000, which is a fraction of normal production costs because we use pre-shot video material to piece the story together, and much of the production is in-house. If we write, plan, film and edit a more thoughtful, professional introductory video, we will need to raise tens of thousands of dollars. Our video prices are not just to cover the cost of professional-quality copies, but also to recover production costs, and prepare for new videos. Though we cannot pay for all of our videos through sales, we ask that individuals or groups order higher-quality copies (made from the digital master) directly from HQ, rather than making low-quality VHS-to-VHS copies yourself.

Copies of "In Search of an Ideal" may be obtained at the reduced rates quoted below by contacting Sheila Song at FFWPU headquarters, by phone at (202) 319-3200, by fax at (202) 299-9496, or by Email at education@familyfed.org.

1 - 4 copies: $ 8 each + s&h

5 copies: $ 35 total + s&h

10 - 20 copies: $ 5 each + s&h: $5 each for 10-20 copies)

25 or more copies: $ 4 each, includes s&h

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