Unification News for June 2004

Region 17ís First Teensí Workshop

by The Teens of Region 17

The weekend kicked off with orientation and a short talk from Rev. Starr and Jeri ssn. We also got a short, but inspiring, lecture from Rev Kwan. Afterwards, Rev Starr introduced five teens (Alex, Mitchell, Eric, Vinny, Koshin) who were to come up and give a lecture about important topics such as Faith, Family, Purity, etc. Each one was given fifteen minutes to express their thoughts and views on their specific topic. The kids and the parents were both equally inspired and moved by the heart and honesty that the teens who spoke showed. Once the speeches were finished, we all broke up into groups and discussed the topics which were just brought to our attention. We found that this way of discussion was very effective because we were able to interact more on a personal level, thus learning their personal opinions and views on the speeches given. After the discussions, we were given an hour or so to socialize and break the ice. Eventually, we all settled down and got ready for bed.

The next morning, we had to wake up at 4:30 to get ourselves ready for pledge. We then broke up and into our groups and read HDH for a good amount of time. We, thankfully, were able to get some more rest afterwards. Then the adults spoke and they each had 15 minutes as well. First, the moderator Rick Schnorr introduced Pat Hickey, Janice, Amelia, Jacob Schnorr, Mark, and Cory Boitano. There were talks about strengthening family, and service for peace. Then we had lunch and we left for Lake Tahoe. Rick Schnorr brought a boat all the way from New Mexico and we all got to take a ride on it. We also swam, played football on the sand, and had a barbecue. When we got home, a few adults including Jeri ssn gave some talks about how they were proud of us and how the 2nd generation had inspired them. Jeri ssn talked about her dream for the 2nd generation with much passion and heart. It was very moving. We then discussed what we learned that day. We had ice cream sundaes too!!! We then finished up our meetings and headed off to bed.

We awoke on Sunday ready for more fun. It all began with Sunday service. The speakers were Reverend Kwon and 2nd generation leader In Soo Kim. Jessie Bernt and Takamitsu Sakuwa were also invited to come up and talk. All in all it was a pretty good Sunday service. After that, we had group meetings and headed out to the park. When we got to the park we played some crazy capture the flag games. Then after that everyone ate and drank because they were hungry and thirsty. Then it was back to the action. We played some massive games of matanagae. Everyone had a really good time running around. Then sadly our time ran out and we had to head home. When we got home we had some dinner and then David and Kendra Stein gave their testimony on the blessing and life as a blessed family. It really inspired all of the 2nd generation about the blessing.

After their speech was finished, the girls and boys were able to split up (girls went with Kendra and the guys went with Jesse) for the sake of asking questions, finding more about the matching/blessing, and learning about what went on as you go through married life. Both sides (girls and guys) thought that this specific topic, and the way that it was organized was really effective and more meaningful. All the BCís can testify that they had many deep conversations and gained so much more knowledge and perspective after the meeting.
After the meetings everyone split back into teams and wrote their reflections on the workshop, then since it was the last day every one stayed up pretty much all night.

The next day, we all woke up and received a lecture from Rev. Kwon, Rev. In Soo Kim, and selected testimonies from a few members of each team. We then had lunch and cleaned up the house. Everyone packed up there stuff said there good-byes and left. We believed this to be a wonderful workshop and worth all the hard work (which we failed to mention) that it took to get it all together. We will miss almost everyone that came and thought it was a wonderful experience for every one. We are looking forward to next years work shop and can only hope that it will be half the work shop this was.

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