Unification News for June 2004

Getting on TV

by Chad Martin

The Billings, Montana Family Church has had a very good experience with the local public TV station. For $50.00 a year they let us use their video equipment, help us edit our material, and show our one-half hour programs twice a month. They prefer local programs and speakers. We purchased a sound system with a mixer, four microphones, and speakers. We connect the sound system to the camera and get professional-level sound recording. We purchased a ZR60 Canon digital mini camcorder for $400.00. It has a red microphone port where we can plug in an external microphone to our sound system. The videos are also useful in witnessing to people who do not normally attend our services.

Our congregation is maturing spiritually, advancing technically, and growing. Our youth band of 13 recently performed at the Montana State University Department of Education Convocation where 500 people attended, including the University Chancellor and the Superintendent of Public Instruction. We videotaped the practice in the auditorium the week before the performance, as well as the performance, which we will show on TV. The videos help with self-reflection and our ongoing discussion including what is appropriate and legal to show as well as how we can improve our public behavior and performances.

For more information, contact: Chad Martin, Family Church, 501 South 29th Street, Billings, MT 59101.

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