Unification News for June 2004

CT Spring Workshop Report

by Hank Chin

In mid-March 2004 the Connecticut Youth Ministry held its first workshop since its inception in February of 2004. The high school weekend workshop was held from March 12 to March 14 in a beautiful seaport on the eastern tip of Massachusetts. Twenty seven participants, two mothers, and eight college-aged second generation made their way through a long drive to a revitalizing setting and atmosphere completely free from human pollution or baggage.

The workshop schedule included a variety of group discussions, lectures, sports, testimonies, outside prayers, games, and a scavenger hunt in downtown Boston. All activities were done in teams in order to stimulate an atmosphere of team competition, thereby compelling teammates to bond closer. The lecturer was Mr. Tetsuaki Takeda, a long time favorite of University of Bridgeport CARP students. He focused mainly on internal guidance, helping the students to understand the reasons for our traditions and beliefs. According to some participants, it was "the first time I ever paid attention to a workshop lecture". At the end of the workshop each student determined a specific action-oriented goal which they shared in front of everyone else and resolved to achieve. Each participant was also given a CD of all the pictures taken at the workshop as memorabilia of their precious experience.

Since the workshop the CT Youth Ministry has been developing step by step to attend to the needs of a rapidly growing community of blessed central families. Other activities include weekly educational courses, prayer meetings, and sports. Our goal is to hold a workshop at least twice a year, welcoming second generation from other areas as well.

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