Unification News for June 2004

The BC Arts Fest

by YoungSun Compton

The BC Arts Fest started out as the dream of founders Akina Toffey and Clair Hoover. The idea to have blessed children gather for a workshop, its soul purpose would be to focus on the arts "…which have been largely absent from our movement." A weekend devoted to the particular artistic abilities of blessed children, to explaining why the arts are so important, and to help those implement their skill to further the providence.

The first arts fest was held at UTS in March of 2003 and had roughly 150 participants. Lectures were given by various First Gen. as well as testimonies from Second Gen. Participants art work would be put on display as well as a night of musical performances. As a whole, it was looked at as a success and was followed by a meeting of core staff and some participants, to discuss how to take what they have done to the next level, so to speak. The decision: to have more "fests" more often. The next was held at UTS again, in early December.

The next was held in Southern California in early April (2-4) and I was lucky enough to have been able to attend. The workshop began on Friday evening with registration, orientation, some ice breakers, and cabin assignments. Saturday began with Hoon Dok Hae. After breakfast Aunt Sheri gave a lecture followed by an artistic expression of ourselves. Each individuals work was put together to create a huge mural. The next lecture was given by Mr. McClellan. He focused mainly on why the arts are so important, and why they are especially important during this day in age.

After Lunch we broke into focus groups; songwriting, video, and visual arts. The songwriting group discussed certain techniques used when approaching songwriting. The video group was introduced to movie making. They were shown the time and effort that goes into even the shortest of productions, from casting parts to the actual editing process. Finally, the visual arts group practiced exercises and techniques that would help in the creative process of drawing and painting. The day was ended with a night of entertainment. Various musical and dance performances along with a number of short films were presented throughout the night, making for an excellent episode.

Sunday morning consisted of mainly participant’s testimonies. Then we all packed our bags and got ready to go. The final closing was held at around noon. I personally had a great experience and felt that everyone in attendance had a good time.

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