Unification News for June 2004

Join the Staff at Chung Pyung

Recently Dae Mo Nim requested that an American or Western Leader who is proficient in Divine Principle lecturing with a solid blessed family and mission lifestyle be invited to join the core staff at the Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth International Training Center.

With the participation of Westerners on the increase, Dae Mo Nim feels that an experienced western lecturer and leader is needed to enhance the experience that our western families (families of all races from Western countries) have with the Divine Principle and their time in Cheong Pyeong.

This person could start immediately. This is a salaried and formal position. Eventually or even immediately the leader can move their family to the Cheong Pyeong or Sorak City area. They will have normal working hours and will in essence be the permanent Western leader of all Western programs there.

To be qualified you must have graduated from at least one 40 day training session and must have a stable marriage and family. The applicants should have experience in leadership in the Church, CARP or AFC or other Unification education based missions.

To apply please download the application form. When completed email it to Margaret@familyfed.org. (Note: you can also apply online on the Familyfed.org Website - In the Announcements Section) We expect the selection process to go through the end of July as this position is most important for the work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in Cheong Pyeong.

We see this as a great calling and opportunity. Don't be afraid to apply. If you have questions please email Margaret@familyfed.org. All western leaders are welcome to apply.

Cheong Pyeong is central to the historic dispensation for the Peace Kingdom. In the near future, True Parents will settle at the Palace in Cheong Pyeong as it will continue to expand as a central point of focus for the Peace Kingdom. Those who become part of this team with Dae Mo Nim as their guide will contribute greatly to history and humanity.

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