Unification News for June 2004

Universal Ballet Returns to Lincoln Center

by David Eaton.

The highly-acclaimed Universal Ballet Company returns to Lincoln Center's State Theater on July 30-31 in three performances of their spectacular production of "Romeo and Juliet."

This is a great opportunity to reach out to key community contacts, Ambassadors for Peace, relatives and clergy.

The performance times are July 30 at 8PM, and July 31 at 2PM & 8PM.

All UC members will receive a 20% discount on tickets purchased by June 30 and a 10% discount if purchased from July 1.

Discount Prices are as follows:

Orch. & 1st Ring 2nd Ring 3rd ring 4th Ring 5th Ring

20% $56 $44 $32 $24 $20

10% $63 $49 $36 $27 $22

Checks or money orders for advance ticket purchases should be made payable to: NYC Symphony and sent to 481 Eighth Ave. F22 New York, NY 10001.

For more information e-mail NYCSYM@aol.com and put UBCTIX in the subject field.

Lincoln Center is located at Broadway and West 64th Street in Manhattan.

See You There!

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