Unification News for June 2004

Rev. Kevin McCarthy’s book "The Master Plan" receiving rave reviews from clergy and their members.

By Bishop C. Phillip Johnson
Co-Chairman, ACLC Washington DC Region
Pastor, New Prospect Family Praise and Worship Centers of Washington D.C. and Martinsville, Va.

Last year, Rev. Kevin McCarthy informed me that he was working on a book to help clergy and laity understand the Divine Principle which had been so grossly misunderstood over the years. I looked forward to the release of the book because I have long felt that the movement had only begun to scratch the surface in being able to tap the immeasurable resource of the Christian foundation. When Rev. McCarthy asked me to write the foreword to the book, of course, I was happy to support in that way. Little did I realize at that time how useful I would find the book as an excellent tool to raise the conscientiousness of those who would be privileged to read its pages.

I can tell you, as a Christian minister who has gone a long course of many years in the quest to understand Father Moon and his teachings, that it has not always been easy. The most difficult part is trying to reconcile the experience one has, as a Christian minister, with the new concept, as taught in the Divine Principle, concerning the Lord of Second Advent. Especially challenging is the attempt to interpret that experience for our congregations. They watch us closely when they find out that their pastor has been involved with Father Moon’s movement.

Many ministers shy away from fellowship for that very reason. They may be very curious and interested in learning more about Father Moon and his teachings, however, they are afraid to risk the potential fallout within their congregations and with their fellow clergy.

Christianity is mostly taught in Sunday service within a sermon or in Sunday school and Wednesday night Bible study. It is revealed in stories and parables, in anecdotes and analogies. In the Christian tradition, the more in depth study of the lecture-type, as the Divine Principle is mostly explained, are often reserved for seminarians and those who are entering the ministry.

What is needed is a systematic expression of The Divine Principle that speaks to the masses, especially the Christian masses. I think Rev. McCarthy’s book has its laser guidance system locked on his Christian audience. It is awesome in that respect.

The Master Plan, for me, serves as a book of translation for the Christian. It also provides a vehicle for constructing sermons, planning Bible studies and developing revival themes around the basic Divine Principle message. It allows me to teach the content of the Principle to my congregation in a way that they can recognize and understand. It beautifully weaves the Bible, The Divine Principle and Father Moon’s words in such a way as to show their continuity and harmony. This gives the minister confidence that he can win his members to support the ACLC vision and, ultimately, understand Father Moon’s mission, as well as their own calling and response to the great commission.

The Master Plan’s closing chapter on the Second Coming hits a home run. Rev. McCarthy wisely lets Jesus do the talking. Jesus reveals that he will anoint a successor on the earth. You didn’t know that? Well, honestly, neither will most ministers until they read The Master Plan. Through skillful use of the Book of Revelation, Rev. McCarthy identifies and highlights the words of Jesus that describe clearly the process of the second coming. Thus we can conclude that the second coming is not Jesus himself but one whom Jesus has appointed! The point is made even more powerful with the timely addition of Jesus’ message from "The Cloud of Witnesses."

This book has also helped to open the doorway for me to begin to share with other ministers who are always asking me about Father Moon’s teachings. It is an effective bridge to get ministers and Christians turned toward the traditional Divine Principle educational content and methods. I highly recommend that you begin to expose as many clergy as possible to this great book. Also, I think it would be an important tool to help prepare the Japanese missionaries for their work with the clergy. Rev. McCarthy deserves a huge expression of gratitude for this great contribution to the mission.

The Master Plan and the new Divine Principle DVD series produced by Washington Family Church are now serving as our key support materials used in our clergy study of The Exposition of the Divine Principle in Washington D.C. Now a powerful new study group is forming in Baltimore, Md. under the guidance of Ms. Lynn Sofinowski and Rev. Arnold Howard of Enon Baptist church. Our goal is to transform ACLC into a teaching ministry. We are studying to learn, but more importantly we are studying to learn to preach and teach this great Divine Principle message! Thank you, Father Moon!

The Master Plan ($19.95) is available at HSA-UWC books (see HSAbooks.com), the UTS bookstore, and Washington Family Church. In Los Angeles and San Diego, at Crown Books and A&S books. For West Coast wholesale information contact Andy Weiss at 619 850-3732. For East Coast wholesale information call Carol McCarthy 703 338 1129 or email: caroling@comcast. net

The Divine Principle on DVD, taught by Rev. Kevin McCarthy ($89.95)-12 lectures-six discs, is available at Washington Family Church 1 800 207 4540 or email WDC@familyfed.org All proceeds support minister’s education and the Columbia Rd. Project.

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