Unification News for June 2004

Hardship is My Blessing

by Miilhan Stephens

Amidst a world of darkness I must be Light.

Amidst a world of sadness I must be Joy.

Amidst a world of hatred I must be Love.

Amidst a world of confusion I must be Certain.

Amidst a world of disgust I must be Pure.

Amidst a world of evil I must be Good.

But this is the only world that I can touch, taste, smell, hear, and see.

I am blind Father,

Where is the Light that I must be?

Where is the Joy that I must be?

Where is the Love that I must be?

Where is the Clarity that I can see?

Where is the Purity that I must be?

Where is the Good that I must be?

Keep those people away from me.

Those people that hate and kill with swords


They are my brothers.

But when I offer love they retaliate with slashes across my chest!

Do not worry, Father it does not hurt.

I still await your next order.

Father, this fight has been going on for too long!

I do not see an end!

Why did my sister have to go through such pain?

I work as hard as I can and I still do not see victory.

Why is it only you understand me?

It is not fair, Father!!

Oh I am sorry, Father, so sorry Father.

I did not mean to cause you fear of losing me.

I got carried away. I let myself wonder.

I know Jesus had it hard, but you know its hard for me, right?

Please forgive me…its just…

How many times must I lose you?

Too often I ignore your persistent call, push you away.

But from the bottom of my heart I love you always.

I will try harder this time.

Harder than my last promise.

Oh give me strength, wisdom, speech, and heart, Father so I my carry out your will!

I cannot do this alone.

I will not do it alone.

I have no pleasure in anything other that serving you, Father.

I clearly see nothing more important.

No one can desire wealth, power, and fame when one has felt your presence.

Father, that’s it!

I can see the kingdom!

I see hope!

It is coming!

The Sun and Moon are brighter!

Lets get started right away!

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