Unification News for June 2004

Excerpt from The Master Plan: Godís Hope to Heal Humanity

By Kevin McCarthy

Jesus was sorrowful in Gethsemane because it was there that he lay down his foremost aspiration and, instead, burned to ashes all his hopes and dreams for the Kingdom in his lifetime. The gate was shut and then sealed. Jesus was saying farewell to the hope that God had placed in him for the accomplishment of that ideal.

Farewell, to his disciples and his people, faced now with a most arduous course of exile and destruction. Farewell, to the peoples of the next two millennia, peoples of all lands and all languages who had now lost their chance to live in a world controlled by a covenant of peace. A world where knowledge of the Lord covered the earth as waters covered the sea, where swords were beaten into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks. Where weeping and wailing would cease and be no more.

Farewell holy bride who would never be, who would never embrace or excite the warm glowing passions of her perfect husband and provide for him the place of rest. This unknown beloved princess, this royal bride; the king was readied to be enthralled by your beauty. Yet, no mother embroidered your wedding garments interwoven with gold. No house rose up to lead you to your king. No brethren of joy and gladness gathered along hometown streets welcoming the royal procession.

Farewell, to these loves for which only he was worthy. Farewell to the royal seed; the sons, the daughters, princes and princesses to those hoped for moments of infinite solace and serenity abiding within the sleeping child pressed to Papaís chest. All those moments of love, those treasures, he left behind. Farewell, forever and ever.

Jesus sacrificed more than just himself when he mounted Calvaryís cross. He not only laid down his own life but also all of its potential to everlastingly increase as numerous as the stars in the sky and as countless as the sand on the seashore.

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