Unification News for May 2004

Rally for the Harmony and Unification

A very meaningful and providential rally was held on May 13, the second An Shi Il, at Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu under the name of "Rally for the Unification and Harmony of Yeong-nam and Ho-nam regions". The rally started at 1:30 p.m. with 4300 members from Yeong-nam and Ho-nam regions.

Rev. Hwang Sun-jo, as the master of ceremonies gave the opening remarks and guided all the participants with a holy song. Rev. Pak Bam-joo offered a prayer which was followed by presentation of flowers to True Parents done by Mr. Kim Yeong-jung and Mrs. Yumi Hamada.

Until May 12, the weather was completely rainy and so it was not such a good weather to hold such rally. But on May 13, during the pledge service and hoondokhae in the early morning, weather changed and until lunch time it became a very bright sunny day.

After the presentation of flower to True Parents, Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan read messages from the spirit world and then gave a lecture about the way of unification of Yeong-nam and Ho-nam regions and the unification of North and South Korea. He said "... through the unification and oneness of these two regions we are be able to liquidate all the distrust among the people in the different levels of our society and among different generations as well. Then the way for the unification of North and South Korea and realization of the world peace will be open substantially which will bring about the settlement of the ideal peace kingdom."

Giving the word of life, Father spoke to the members with the title "What is the origin of unification and harmony? "He said, "Or conscience is a step ahead of God, and so it should be the owner. If we do this, then we do not need religion for the unification of Yeong-nam and Ho-nam regions, and also there won't be any problem on the way to realize a world peace ... and even though it is very difficult to bring harmony among you centering on yourselves, but if you can be united with True Parents as the messiah and the savior, then harmony and unification among you will be possible and everything will be settled properly."

After the speech, there was a presentation of plate of appreciation to True Parents, which followed by brother/sisterhood ceremony between members from the two regions. Mr. Hwang Seong-bae and Mrs. Lee Hwa-jin representing Yeong-nam and Ho-nam regions read the proclamation and then all the participants from the two regions in a very warmly atmosphere embraced each other. The love which brought them together began while they go through the brother/sisterhood ceremony.

In this beautiful atmosphere a praise song was offered by Ms. Seo Hwa-jin, a singer from Ho-nam region, who sang the song of Unity (Our Cherished hopes are for Unity). This moved all participants as they stood up and sang this song together, while True Parents led the tape-cutting and sent up a balloon with the proclamation-hope for the harmony and unification- written on it. The ceremony ended with the three cheers of mansei lead by Rev. Jin Jang-jin, the regional leader of the South Jeolla province.


We as the owner of the era of Cheon Il Guk, at this time of the era of proclamation of the age of God's fatherland and peace kingdom, and in this period of great transition for the history of the release and liberation of heaven and earth, proclaim before the Cosmic Parent, Parents of Heaven and Earth, and Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind the following initiatives for world peace and regional harmony.

In this time of heavenly fortune in which everything has been liberated and achieved through the efforts of our True Parents, we as the representative of the citizens of Yeong/Ho-nam region proclaim that we will cleanse this history littered with conflict and division, and begin the new era of the new history of realization of God's peace kingdom.

We proclaim that we will establish the standard of heart, character and values through a life of living for the sake of others in true love. As the citizens of Cheon Il Guk, we will set the example before our tribe, race, nation and world while eradicating regionalism ruinous to our nation, and to take the lead in bringing harmony between the regions through Godism which is based on the ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal shared values.

We proclaim that we clearly recognize the existence of God and the reality of spirit world in our daily lives and activities, and based on the trans-religious and trans-national ideals we will become the emissary of peace that establishes true love in the local community. May 13, fourth year of Cheon Il Guk.

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