Unification News for May 2004

44th True Parents' Day - Entertainment

April 19, 2004 - New Yorker Grand Ballroom

True Parents were greeted with a boisterous cheer followed by a bow of respect, lead by Rev. Shanker of the Family Federation.

The evening entertainment was opened by the second generation dance team - WAIT. WAIT has made performances across the country spreading the word of abstinence and AIDS awareness to communities and schools with the slogan "You're worth waiting for."

Next, Jena Eisenberg from California, pianist and composer, who started playing the piano from age six and won the John Lennon Music Award at age 16, played two selections. First, a song inspired by her grandfather and second, a piece intitled "Hope" which was written for the heroic firefighters of New York. She is accompanied with singer Laleh and the NYC Symphony String Quartet in "Hope."

For the third act, the Bridgeport International Academy's musical theater class presented selections from their colorful musical "The Wiz", directed by Margaret Vanderstock.

Followed by the Bridgeport International Academy is the video highlighting the events leading up to and the "Crown of Peace Ceremony" of the True Parents in the Derkson Senate Office in Washington D.C., March 24th.

Next, ___, concert violinist, was accompanied by Vivian Zhang on the piano.

___ was followed by twelve year old Kiah Victoria, who performed on Broadway for over a year in the "Lion King", performed next with her powerful and beautiful voice.

Once again, the WAIT team came up on the stage to entertain the audience with their skit "Jack and Jill," which shows how the body reacts it a HIV/AIDS infection. To round off the skit, WAIT followed up with the song "Save Yourself."

Standing up for peace, concert master Mr. Jung Chanwoo, performed next. He is well known throughout Asia and Korea for holding reconciliation performances. He was accompanied by Kazuyo Kazuke on the piano.

Next, "Pumonim Saran Haeyo" was performed by the Jin-Ah Preschoolers. Included in the choir are five grandchildren of the True Parents.

After the adorable Jin-Ah Preschoolers, "Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikum" sung by the Christian Ministers Choir, began the Middle East Peace Initiative Presentation Music and Testimonies.

For the finale Rev. Levi Daugherty and the ACLC came up on stage with the message "True Parents we love you" from the ministers of the ACLC. Then brought the audience to its feet in song with "Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikum," and finished with three cheers of mansei.

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