Unification News for May 2004

44th True Parents' Day

April 19, 2004 - New Yorker Grand Ballroom

(Notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks, translation by Mrs. Hee Hun Standard)

This note was made from the live streaming. It is not a complete or totally accurate transcript of Fathers words, but is intended to capture the basic ideas and spirit of his message.

True Parents arrived with several Christian clergy and True Family members.

We sang together Grace of the Holy Garden.

Rev. Michael Jenkins offered the Opening Prayer, on behalf of seven enemy nations and on the foundation of the creation of the Peace Kingdom and creation of the Abel United Nations.

True Parents lit the candles on the celebration cake, as the congregation sang "Happy True Parents Day to you."

Next was a flower presentation to True Parents from R. Johnson and Yaemi Pickard, a second generation couple.

Rev. Kwak commenced reading Hoon Dok Hae on the topic of True Parents Day. TP Day was established 4 pm, March 1 (lunar), 1960 at Chungpa Dong HQ church. We have been commemorating it ever since.

In 1994, TP added the term "True" to "Parents Day."

Today's HDH will come from speeches given in the 1960s. But first let us reflect on this day. It signifies restoration of what went wrong at the start of history. As children, we can never understand the course of our parents. No one has ever waked such a course; there has been no concept of TP in the past, so it cannot be measured or assessed from a human point of view.

Of the 6 billion people on earth, not so many understand the value of TP in terms of their external course, but what is even more difficult to understand is their internal course--the True Parents' heart. It is more difficult than an adopted child understanding their adoption parents' heart. It is the children of the enemy adulterer trying to understand TP's love. It is so deep and sincere.

TP represent God, who is invisible, and substantialize True Parents, True Owner and True King. To do that he had to restore what was lost horizontally and vertically, on 8 stages. On each stage, Satan tried to pull him down, wishing he would fail, accusing anything that was lacking. Through these stages, God could restore humankind, based on these conditions, which are not just visible to the eyes.

So we can called them True Parents not by our own effort or conditions, but by grace. Also, saints in spirit world are testifying to True Parents. They have been waiting for ages for the Messiah. Among them, only the Christians and Jews called God, Father, although their understanding was limited. They never understood the concept of True Parents.

[Note: This is still Rev. Kwak's introduction to Hoon Dok Hae.]

There is only one True Parents in history. How difficult it must be for them to reach out to all humankind. They are love itself, and want to give continuously. And they had to love their Cain children before their Abel children. He could not visit his own family, who were not far away, but just went to his disciples.

Therefore we skipped several stages of the 8 stages and were put in the position of children of TP without fulfilling our portion of responsibility. Even Heung Jin Nim was sacrificed for us and our bad conditions. Now we can be registered for birth and marriage, enabling us to enter the Chun Il Guk, the Kingdom of Heaven. So TP have done everything necessary for us.

If we did not exist, TP woudl not have had to go through 8 stages, but only would have had to create a true family. So we should realize the amount of damage and sorrow inflicted to the True Children because of us. Already, 4 True Children have passed away. The way we can be recognized by TChildren is to make them feel that we are sincere disciples of TP. We have to follow TP's direction as faithfully as we can, which means to share TP's love to all people around us.

From next year, Father said we can celebrate True God's Day and True Parents Day together, because God and True Parents are the same for us. I don't know if Father will actually have us celebrate these on the same day, or not. They are the king of kings and she is the queen of queens, who are to set the laws in this world. They stand beyond religion, race and nation, and are monarchs of the fatherland that will last forever.


So they are not just TP, but king and queen of the cosmos, so as owners of Chun Il Guk we cannot relate just by heart, but by results. There are heavenly laws, principles and norms, protocols of the palace. As citizens of Chun Il Guk, we need to reflect about this. Now I will begin our Hoon Dok.

[Rev Kwak hoon dok]

Dr. Yang announced that this is going out worldwide on the web.

___ sings an introductory song: "Song of April".

Dr. Yang introduced our True Father.

Man and woman coming together is the ideal of creation, and each can be happy. God is the harmonizer of the dual characteristics. How can we smell the fragrance of love? We should be able to dance with the wind under the sunlight, and enjoy welcoming each other. Even if we are sleeping, we should have our mouth wide open to welcome creation. Then God, human beings and creation are happy. This is God's ideal of creation. [applause]

"OK" means "open [the gate to the] Kingdom" and "open kitchen." Another meaning is "open Korea."

The time "when the individual must go" is over; we need the K of God, a nation bigger than what anyone can conceive. "The Path for America and Humanity in the Last Days," Father's text from year 2000 speaking tour, is Father's base text for today's speech. Did I live in America because I wanted to, or because I had to?

We have proclaimed the revolution of conscience. Through the providence in the Middle East. last Dec 22 we restored the position of Jesus in Israel. This brought in the age of liberation for all humankind. Now the K of Heaven has been realized. I received so much persecution of 30 years, but I could stay here because of God's presence.

Rev. Kwak's speech was very good, and for me to elaborate upon it would take a long time. My longest speech was 14 hours, or even more.

We need a people or nation willing to sacrifice for a higher purpose, to help the world. I came to America and made my utmost effort to revive the country by educating the youth to revive morality. What have I been teaching them? To live for others: the individual for the family, family for the society, society for the people, people for the nation, nation for the world, and world for God, and then God will come to us and live for us.

In the family, husband and wife live for each other, and parents and children live for each other.

Second, I teach to love your enemy, as God sacrificed His son Jesus for the sake of his enemy, Satan's children. Satan cannot accuse someone who loves his children more than he does his own. This is the secret of the foundation I could lay.

This is also the secret of the expansion of Christianity, by the sacrifice of missionaries. But now that Christian spirit is declining and we hear voices asserting that God is dead or does not exist. How does God feel? For whom has God been sacrificing Himself? Not for the world, but for each of us, you and me. This is why Jesus sacrificed himself. So we should take responsibility for humankind in response.

We should take on God's suffering for the sake of inheriting God's heart. Have you prayed all night for this? The person God sent was killed, after 4,000 years preparation. If we continue like this, there is no hope; everything will be blocked.

Christianity was the bride prepared to receive the Bridegroom. Unificationism is the teaching to restore the true family and filfill the messianic role of the first ancestors. Jesus came with the mission of establishing the true husband and wife, but was rejected. The path of Jesus' suffering on the cross is the same path as that of God, forgiving his enemies. His life did not end at age 33, but continued through Christianity that inherited his spirit.

Look at the path of world civilization. It moved from the tropics to the warm zone (? hard to keep track here) and now is with the 20 degrees north latitude countries of England and America. This is the cool zone civilization of autumn, then comes the brief cold zone civilization of communism, that is continuing through materialism and atheism. America should clean this up, or the UC should do it. If Rev. Moon doesn't do it, we will be in trouble.

Now the true spring civilization will appear, to melt the frozen ice in the heart of God. It cannot be done with power, money or knowledge. The center of civilization is moving toward the Pacific zone civilization, based in America, Japan and Korea, and finally in Korea it will bear fruit.

So, Rev. Moon coming from Korea can be described in no other way than the summation of God's providence. I have inspired constructive activities for peace and prosperity throughout the world, to overcome pollution, hunger and disease. Also I have founded the pure love movement, blessing hundreds of millions of couples around the world. So, shouldn't you do tong ban kyok pah (outreach to your neighborhood and community)?

The splintering of denominations and struggle between religions serve no purpose but to hinder God's providence. Therefore I have spent most of our church budget in efforts to reach out to other religions. I founded the IRFWP, for world peace, and the IIFWP. All people should go beyond racial and religious differences, to bring God's world into reality through faith, hope and love. We must recover the heartistic relationship with God that we lost in the fall.

The True Parents are the final fruits of humankind's hope throughout the world. Ultimately we must liberate God, who has been in the depth of sorrow. Humankind calls for human freedom and liberation, but we must bring God's liberation, and then human liberation wil follow automatically. You are called to do this.

The Pilgrim fathers departed from their families and nation as they crossed the Atlantic Ocean. They arrived in New England in late November, and you should do more than they did, or America will perish. They believed in serving the will of God in every aspect of their lives. They offered the first fruits of the harvest to God, and built the church and school first, before their houses. Thus they built the nation. Without a nation, we cannot say we fulfilled our mission.

The British fought for their king, but the Americans fought for God. Even now, the US Congress opens its sessions with prayer. When the President is sworn in, he places his hand on the Bible. Your money is inscribed with "In God We Trust." Hence this is a mainly Protestant country with global influence. It is a unique country. But what about America today? There is no prayer in schools. Evolution teaching is mandated. The divorce rate is sky-high. We need another revolution.

I left my homeland to come to America, leaving my homeland and family. I cried out I was a firefighter, a physician sent by God. I declared that God was departing America. It seems like only yesterday that I stood on Fifth Ave and wept openly. Unfortunately, America has persisted on the path of moral deterioration, as I predicted.

We have to revive a God-centered revolution. I have been in the US 33 years and could not be in comfort even one day. The true master of America is not white, or black, but the one who loves America as God does. If America abandons God, she will perish. I plead with you, because God has chosen America as His elder son nation. Jesus is present in America and is offering fervent prayers for America.

I created the Washington Times and True Family Values Ministry for America. I created a prayer ground near the White House, where still today many people gather all night to pray. This is the time to end the lamentations of creation that lost its masters. It is time for the new earth and new heaven to come, in which all tears are wiped away.

Now the promises of the Old and New Testaments will be filfilled. God's dominion will be fulfilled through his omnipresence and omniscience. Now the time has come when America must awaken once again. [To a second generation--you should grow up quickly.] Korea cannot do this; the people are gathering in America. So America must keep God from leaving, and become a society that upholds Him.

If God leaves America, where can He go? To Korea? Where? America is the hope. If America honors God, all its problems will be solved naturally. When all races can live in harmony here, it will be a model for the Kingdom of God on earth. So Americans should not fight, but repent. Take the lead as the elder son nation, open a new path. Please realize how important you are as Americans.

I pray and pray and wish and wish for this. On March 23, we celebrated the coronation ceremony on Capitol Hill. It was incredible. We proclaimed and we made history. We established a new organization bringing together heaven and earth. Centering on the cosmic parents, the parents of heaven and earth, and the parents of heaven and earth and all people, we are in the fourth year of the Chun Il Guk. Now we can liberate and release the angelic world, Cain and Abel, and through this day of transition, everyone can be liberated and released.

This is completed on May 1, the 50th anniversary. Then God can personally lead us. Otherwise, we will be called by the spirit world. If you boast about yourself, spirit world will take you. Don't boast; be careful about what you say and do. I am grateful that you came today, and pray that the age of the peace kingdom will arise. Thank you so much. [applause]

Dr. Yang invited True Mother to the stage. Leaders present a huge, beautifully framed photo of the March 23 event, with TP crowned, Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim, and the Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders standing with them. It is presented by Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards. Father invited Hyung Jin Nim to the stage to join with the photo, also Rev. Hwang, Sun Jo, Dr. Magee and others.

Three wives--Bishop de la Rosa, Mrs. Edwards and Sayomi Stallings, presented a gold vase of some sort. Finally, Mrs. Tiger Park, Rev. Tateo Sato and one more presented a striped bass, 44 inches.

Mansei cheers led by Rev. Sun Jo Hwang.

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