Unification News for May 2004

50th Anniversary Celebration for HSA-UWC in Southern California

by Rev. Godwin DíSilva

With a huge banner across the stage, announcing the 50th Anniversary of HSA-UWC, Los Angeles Peace Family Church celebrated the anniversary celebrations at our Sunday Service on May 2nd 2004.

We started at 9 AM, with a special video presentation of the most recent Middle East Pilgrimage and the Crown of Peace celebrations in Washington DC. This inspiring video set the stage for the reading of Rev. Michael Jenkinís report on the anniversary celebrations that took place in Korea the day before.

Our brothers, sisters and several guests appreciated and applauded for the video and Rev. Jenkinís report.

Mrs. Sheri Rueter then, got up to speak about the upcoming Womenís Middle East Peace Initiative. She also invited women to attend a bridge crossing ceremony that was to take place later that afternoon.

Rev. Baek Joong Ku our Regional Director and his wife, Mrs. Sun Hee Ku, then came up to the stage to initiate the next part of the celebration, which was the handing out of the Chun Il Guk membership cards. All of members have been waiting eagerly for these cards. One by one as each family was called out by Rev. Godwin DíSilva, they received with great gratitude and pride the Chun Il Guk cards from Rev. and Mrs. Ku. It took over forty minutes to distribute all the cards. It was a happy and joyous spirit to receive these cards.

At 9:50 AM, promptly as usual, our Los Angeles Peace Family Church choir comes marching in. Singing "Grace of the Holy Garden" everyone was up on their feet and singing more loudly than usual for this was our 50th Anniversary celebrations.

During this special Sunday service, we had Steve and Katsuko Pierce present 2 beautiful bouquets of flowers to True Parents symbolically represented by special chairs on the stage. The whole congregation stood up and cheered and shouted "CONGRATULATIONS TRUE PARENTS".

Minister Masaru Tengan then came up to give a testimony about Clergy who are attending and understanding the Divine Principle lectures given by Rev. Tim Henning.

Right after the powerful and hopeful testimony came a showing of the latest video obtained from the International Headquarters (Korea) of the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Although it was in Korean, Rev. Ku translated for us the important parts.

It was a well made and powerful presentation.

Rev. Ku then gave a short but powerful sermon, stressing the important points of our life on Earth.

1) Living with God. We should serve God, in our daily life.

2) Recognize the reality of Spirit World. All our life is to prepare for the Spiritual World.

3) What is your determination? Your eternal teacher is your conscience. Follow your conscience.

After the sermon, we had a celebration lunch, prepared so graciously by Mrs. Timothy Henning and several volunteers. A crowd of 400 people were served wonderful sandwiches and beverage. And this was only part 1 of our celebration. We had another event in the afternoon organized by the Womenís Federation for World Peace. So, most of us rushed off to attend and serve the Womenís Federation for Peace event. A report on that event follows.

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