Unification News for May 2004

Missouri Prayer Breakfast

by Rev. Carl Swearson and Rev. Charles Cherutich

The AFC and ACLC came together on Saturday morning, April 24, to report the incredible victory at the Dirksen Building in Washington, DC on March 23. The 30 attending the prayer breakfast were able to hear and see testimonies concerning recent breakthroughs in reconciliation and peacemaking, defeating long held resentments. The Family Federation of Missouri opened its doors to allow many of the guests to see its new building for the first time.

This was the second major event in St. Louis in three months. Many ACLC pastors have shared how they feel Jesus is working to reconcile the children of Abraham, and that God is calling all of us to do what we can to heal the wounds of the past.

Bishop Wayne Whitson and his lovely wife, Kelly, arrived 3 hours before the event to prepare a beautiful breakfast for all the guests. "Kelly took charge of the buying and the preparing of the food because she wanted everything to be just right," remarked her husband afterward. They also served each and every guest with the highest level of care and courtesy. Everyone could feel the love they put into the preparation. Rev. Carl Swearson opened the program with a welcome and an invocation.

After the meal, everyone reconvened in the sanctuary. Rev. Earlice Wrice served as program MC. Our lovely sister hostesses made certain that all guest were registered and well cared for. Bishop James Stewart, who brought 2 new guests with him, opened the next segment with remarks and an offering prayer. The first speaker was Dr. Frank Harold, Jr., whose topic was "What is a proper Marriage?" expounded on marriage from a Biblical perspective. Rev. Wayne Whitson, Church of the Living God, commented, "This whole message is timely. Please continue to explore this issue."

The video on the Coronation event in Washington DC followed next, causing Rev. Adophine Mukendi, pastor of New City Fellowship Church to reflect, "I had heard some negative comments beforehand, but in coming here, I see that we share the same vision of bringing people together."

Gedlu Metaferia, Missouri honoree at the Washington DC event, encouraged everyone to build upon these successes and reach out with greater determination to the interfaith community. "Donít hide what you are doing here. All denominations should be involved with this," he said.

Bishop Wayne Whitson was greatly surprised to hear that he had been appointed to become Missouriís most recent Ambassador of Peace. He was so honored that it took him a few moments to compose himself. "I canít tell you how much of an honor it is to receive this. Iím at a loss for words," he said as tears came to his eyes.

Time passed too quickly, and we realized it was approaching noon. The program was a full hour longer than planned, mostly due to each participant wanting to take the time to fellowship more deeply with each other.

The spirit of the Lord is moving in Missouri!

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