Unification News for May 2004

ACLC Chicago Prayer Breakfast

by John Prevost

Tuesday morning, April 20, around 100 people gathered at a beautiful place by the name of Hope Evangelistic Ministries International on the southside of Chicago, it reminded everyone of a luxurious banquet hall. Rev. Willie and Mother Weston were our gracious hosts who exhausted themselves overnight for this month's prayer breakfast to spoil all the participants even preparing homemade dessert. Many of our elders came and shared the experience together which included; Rev. James Bass (84), Pastor Samuel Lewis (86), Prophet Mallakh (87), Pastor WL Mobley (84), and Bishop ML Crawford (83).

The program started with Dr. A. Harold White as MC and first he invited up Rev. Bruce Smith who gave a wonderful introduction to the ACLC and what impact it is making worlwide. He also presented the opportunity to become National ACLC members and subscribe to the latest magazine. Next Dr. Leonard Porter who was very touched and moved by his experience with brothers and sisters in Israel came up to testify about the 5th Pilgrimage.

Dr. Porter helps people who are on the street and in recovery and is not an actual Pastor but he has a Ph.D. and teaches at a local Community College in nearby Kankakee, IL. His testimony was very heartfelt and amazed all participants as he shared the experience in the Holy Land. He also is preparing a peace march in the Kankakee area just like the one he experienced in Nazareth and invited everyone to participate on May 1st. The program also included a presentation by Steve Nomura, Chicago CARP leader, about Service for Peace, and an invitation to our upcoming Lasting Love Conference in Chicago. Then our main speaker, Rev. Bruce Sutchar gave a wonderful report in Bishop Kim's absence about the latest activities in New York and brought back a one of a kind DVD for everybody to see about True Parents latest activities.

Finally our longtime supporter for over 20 years Rev. James Bevel (strategist for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) closed everything with some final remarks that put everyone into perspective of what we need to be focused on at this time. This concluded the prayer breakfast for Chicago.

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