Unification News for May 2004

Parents Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of HSA

By Rev. Jenkins

In a truly glorious celebration, the 50th Anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC was held at the J.W. Marriott's Millennium Room in Seoul.

3,000 attended the banquet which featured addresses by some of Korea's top leaders. In particular Dr. Lee a very well known conservative leader who commands great respect gave honor and tribute to True Parents life’s work.

One striking thing was the various tables were filled with our founding members. Especially our 36 Blessed Couples, from Rev. Won Pil Kim to Dr. Bo Hi Pak to Rev. Young Whi Kim and Mrs. Eu, all were there. Rev. Sun Jo Hwang was the MC. Rev. Kwak as the representative of all Blessed Central Families leading us centering on our Glorious True Parents and True Family. Rev. Hwang from Korea, Rev. Eu and Rev. Oyamada from Japan, and Dr. Yang and All Continental leaders were there. Mr. Joo, Mr. S.K. Park and Bishop Joong Hyun Pak all are celebrating True Parents victory.

Father proclaimed that HSA UWC was founded with a purpose to unify Christianity and then to set the stage for the Unification of all Religions. On July 31, 1996 True Father took down the banner of HSA UWC and created the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification so that the Blessing could extend to families beyond any religious boundaries.

In 1999 Father founded IIFWP to unify religions and bring about the cooperation of religion and the political leaders of the world to seek peace. In 2001 Father Crowned God as King of Kings and then has been pursuing the Kingdom of God every since. The Interreligious and International Peace Council was formed on October 3, 2004 to realize the next stage of the providence to bring about the Peace Kingdom.

Father proclaimed that nations who follow the will of God will prosper, those that don't will perish.

Dr. Thomas Walsh led a great delegation of current and former heads of state on stage to Congratulate True Parents. Key religious leaders from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Confucian, Hindu, Sikh and all the worlds religions are in attendance rejoicing at the time of God's Peace Kingdom. Delightful and moving performances by renowned artists reached a crescendo with the Little Angels and performances by the Universal Ballet.

The unity of Christianity and religious leaders proclaiming Father's position as Messiah and True Parent; the Crowning of Jesus and healing of the Middle East; the Crowning of Jesus in America and the reconciling of Jews, Christians and Muslims; and the Coronation of True Parents with the Crowns of Peace on March 23rd by a Catholic Leader and a Protestant supported by the world's religions ;and the joint presentation of the crown and the robe by a Republican and Democratic representative of the Congress of the United States are all the internal conditions that opened the way for massive transformation in America. Father cautions those who are responsible for America to realize the China and other nations are now consulting Father on the highest level as to how to bring harmony among the many religions of the world. America must wake up at this time to receive the direction and blessing from heaven.

This is our solemn responsibility. God has called the Blessed Central Families, IIPC, IIFWP, AFC, WFWP, ACLC, CARP our religious leaders, youth, women and Ambassadors for Peace to rise up at this exact hour to lead America to fulfill her destiny to unify the 191 nations on the earth. We can change the destiny of America and the world by uniting and fulfilling our responsibility.

This is the time for all Blessed Couples to have absolute confidence that through our education and outreach in the neighborhood, community and religious, social and political realms, God has prepared the people to come forward. Now our WFWP is leading the next dispensation to the Holy Land.

This will be a moment of healing for Ishmael and Isaac as the children of Abraham are embraced by the Mother's heart from the Fatherland, Motherland and Elder Son Nation. This will heal the Middle East and will then transform America and the relations with the world as this will initiate a new movement of reconciled Christians, Muslims and Jews who will study war no more.

God is working. True Parents said last night. Nothing can change the fact that the Kingdom of God is coming in this era of great transition. This is the final hour prophesied in the Bible. The tribulation that we see is fulfillment of prophesy. If we fulfill our responsibility and recreate America the tribulation will lead to repentance, purity, forgiveness and rebirth for all the peoples of the world. True Love is the Key.

Rise American Blessed Central Families. Rise and educate the people in your neighborhood and communities and through your professions. Witness to the Truth that the Lord has Come. Rise Blessed Couples of America and the World. We will determine the destiny of history.

Glory to God and with the sincerest gratitude to God and True Parents for 50 years of Victory turning the darkness into light.

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