Unification News for May 2004

How Youth Ministry Helped Me

Tamara A. Starr
May, 2004

When I first was told that I was going to be Youth Minister, I was in complete shock. I also did (what I believe to be is) the worst thing I could do. I questioned it. I remembered how I used to always wish to be a minister or have some significant role in the church. When I was 5 years old I use to preach to people on the subways and buses. People were so surprised to see such a little girl speaking so much wisdom. That all stopped when a biter old woman told me to shut up and sit down. Iím sure some people heard that story. Well, from that point on I knew that God had set a path for me that would be very significant in the future. So when I was blessed to be youth minister I was so surprised with how I reacted.

In the beginning it was very hard for me. Only because I didnít know where to start! Iím youth minister for Brooklyn and Staten Island (New York), and we never had youth ministers before, and we didnít have much activity for second generation. So for me it was really difficult. However, I really loved how Insoo Kim and Jin young Jang really made me feel like I can do this! My youth Ministry began in September of last year. I am just now getting comfortable with the role. However, I did learn two important keys. The first was being youth minister isnít just a responsibility; you also start to grow so much more through it. The reason for that is because through youth ministry youíre not only living for the sake of others, you are also developing a parental heart. You begin to open your heart so much more, and then you invest it through loving others.

Another key I learned is also from Hyun Jin Nim. Dreaming Big! I would always dream big but then it would seem to be impossible and then nothing gets done. I had to rid myself of those false concepts and just dream big and (most importantly) initiate. Because of those keys I was able to start creating workshops for Brooklyn and Staten Island. Whatís encouraging is that every time I have one attendance increases. In the beginning I would feel a little discouraged if certain things didnít work out, or certain people were not really into a workshop or activity. However, because I kept marching forward I was able to just face the problem and make it right. And itís not easy, especially when you have peopleís expectations surrounding you. But that never stopped Father with his mission. When he was in Korea living in extreme poverty he use to say that one day heíll have his own private jet and that his followers will travel all around the world and meet important people. Of course no one believed him at the time and now look! Thatís why itís important to never feel that something is impossible. Thatís Satan trying to block you from accomplishing great things.

Only because of those key points I am able to continue to stand strong. Iím able to think with a positive mind (which is soooooooo important).I feel that Heavenly Father blessed me to be youth minister. And I feel so grateful to God and True Parents for that. Now my next challenge is starting a CARP. Talk about dreaming big!

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