Unification News for May 2004

Queens Youth Ministry

by Hiromi Otomo

For some time I have been meaning to write a report on behalf of Queen youth ministry, but never was able to get to it, so finally after much time, here it is.

Ever since I was in elementary school and attended Sunday school here in Queens, there was always discussions and thoughts of having a stable program for the blessed children here. Unfortunately, these ideas were tried, but never were consistent. Last September, each area of New York was appointed a youth minister and personally I felt that this would be a start to a stronger fellowship and education among New York’s BCs. Not only here in Queens have I seen a growth, but it is happening all over New York.

For about 6 months, we have been holding weekly meetings every Saturday, 4pm at Queens church in Flushing. As usual the beginning is always the toughest part, because everyone doesn’t know each other and there is that feeling of awkwardness. That is somewhat over for many of the 2nd generation here, because now I see them gather as a family and not just people for a weekly meeting. They sing together, read Hoon Dok Hae together, eat together, play games together, do many things together that they probably thought they wouldn’t six months ago.

Along with our weekly meetings, we do many other activities. To raise money, we have bake sales and hope to do some fund-raising soon. This money goes towards the Sunday school and our BC club. In February we had a 3 day workshop, which was very successful and hope to have another one very soon. We go to the movies, bowling, out to eat, do service projects. During holidays, the older blessed children plan a party for the younger BCs, which are always fun and go very well. These are just the few things that we have done together to start what many things we hope to do in the future.

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