Unification News for April 2004

UTS Grads Greet True Parents

by Yeunhee Chang

April 15, 2004 at East Garden during Hoondokhui, over 50 UTS graduating students for 2004, went to greet True Father.

The atmosphere was full of anticipation at what True Father would say to the graduating students.

There were short introductions of second generation students as well as 2 short testimonies from 2 students.

True Father asked Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt to sing "Millennium Rock."

Reverend Ma a Korean student, gave a short testimony about UTS life and Father seemed pleased by his report.

Reverend Ma told True Father that it would be a great honor for UTS if True Parents would be able to attend the graduating day, and before the end of the meeting, True Father said that he would keep in mind the graduating day of June 26, 2004.

This made all of the students cheer with joy.

All the students were ecstatic when True Parents also took a group photo with the students.

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