Unification News for April 2004

True Parents on the Hudson

by Mr. Minoru Kageyama

On March 26th 2004, True Father and True Mother went to the Hudson River for striped bass fishing. After Father sanctified his new boat, they left for fishing.

I believe this is the first time both Father and Mother went out striped bass fishing together on the Hudson River.

It was a beautiful day to be on the water and to fish. We fished for two hours and caught twelve "keepers" including Father's 33" fish which is the biggest fish of this season.

In the beginning, it was so slow we moved our spot. Mother was watching the fish finder and saw a lot of fish showing up. She was so excited and Father decided to stop there.

After a few minute, Father caught the first striped bass of this year and released it.

Then we started catching 16" ~ 21" size fish. After we caught a few keepers, Mother caught a 25" beautiful fish and asked Father to take a photo together but Father said, "Only if it's over 30", will I take a photo." Honestly speaking, I didn't think we would catch an over 30" fish at this time because the water was still too cold for big fish to show up.

I had to repent for my disbelief, Father caught a big 33" fish at the last moment. This time he didn't mind take a photo together.

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