Unification News for April 2004

Service for Peace Latin America Puerto Casado, PARAGUAY

75 Young people from all over the South American continent (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia) which had already participated in the 21-day International Workshop in Argentina, came to Paraguay for a special service project.

On the 5th of February, 2004 we all arrived in Puerto Casado after a long trip of 13hrs walking, riding buses and boat rides on the Paraguay River. On the 7th -8th we went to a small Indian village called Machete Vaina for our SFP activity. We built bathrooms, cleaned the neighborhood, painted the school, cleared up the soccer field, donated a cow, cooked food for the Indians and we even donated our t-shirts before leaving. All of this was becoming possible by the supporting of Victoria S.A Company. For the first time in Latin America's providence so many young brothers and sisters from all parts of South America gathered together for Service for Peace. Working hard under the hot sun we had the precious opportunity to practice the core values. We were able to find the true happiness and gained more that we gave; God's happiness. Also the ABC times which is one of most famous newspaper in Paraguay to publish our activities on the page

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