Unification News for March 2004

Seattle Sunday School Teacherís Workshop

by Rev. Latif Namini Somarin

After few days of raining in Seattle, when we gathered together February 19, 2004 for our one day "Sunday School Teacherís workshop" it was sunny and warm. This workshop was for Sunday schoolís teachers and their assistants. Number of participants was 30 and all of them were ready to receive education and guidance.

Location was at Windermere house and program began at 9:30 am by Rev. Hun Suk Leeís (Regional director of region 18) message for the participants. Rev. Larry Krishnek, who is in charge of the education of second generations in Washington State, gave a heartistic and wonderful presentation about the meaning of education and mentioned how to make a healthy and close relationship between teachers and students. Then Mrs. Myung Yeob Keating, who is a member of the second generationís educational committee, gave a powerful presentation about "teacherís rolls and skills" and explained in details about the responsibilities of teachers. There was a reflection of teacherís teaching experience, and some of the teachers shared their experiences. It was quite exciting and interesting.

While participants having their lunch, they shared their feelings with each other and planned for their future.

In the afternoon, participants were involved in different kinds of exercises and activities such as teaching practice, teacherís planning and report and art- door sign for class. They tried to put in action whatever they learned in the morning session. Main focus of this workshop was connecting teachers with true parentís lifestyle.

After having a pleasant dinner, Mr. Dreux Amaral, who is a member of the second generationís educational committee, gave internal guidance and helped teachers to make their "mission statement" and encouraged them to commit themselves to their new vision. In the end, each one of teachers, received a "Teacherís candle" and workshop was ended at 7:00 pm with holy candle prayer.

It was a wonderful experience and all of the teachers and their assistants committed themselves to be a representative of True parents in their classroom and teach their students heavenly tradition.

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