Unification News for March 2004

Conference on Peace UN Leadership and Activities

January 14-19, 2004 - Seoul, Korea

IIPC was born in New York on October 3rd 2003 and with this, True Parents have started a new providence to bring about a peaceful world substantially. This new beginning marked a new age with a new leadership, the Ambassadors for Peace, to convey God's true desire for unity among religions.

There were many activities since October last year and this time in Korea a series of conferences were held to report on various activities done by IIPC. The first one was held in Seoul at the Lotte Hotel, on January 14th 2004 with 700 participants. This conference was followed by ones:

in Jeonnam (Gwangju, The Mudong san Tourist hotel) on January 14,

in Seoul (at the 63 building) on January 15,

in Gangwon, (Chuncheon Tourist hotel) on January 15,

in Jeonbuk (Jeonju Tourist Hotel) on January 16,

in Chungnam (Sun Moon Univ.) on January 16,

in Yungnam (Gyeongju Education and Cultural hall) on January 17,

in Pyeongan (Sokong-dong Lotte Hotel) on January 17, and

in Hamkyung (Sokong-dong Lotte Hotel) on January 19.

Religious leaders, NGO leaders, leaders of women's associations and leaders from other organizations participated in these conferences around Korea. The main speakers were Dr. Kwak Chung-hwan, Dr. Hwang Sun-jo, and Mr. Yun Jeong-no. This is the basic schedule:

Opening Ceremony by the master of ceremonies

Video presentation of IIPC activities

Introducing the VIP participants


Congratulatory Address

First lecture


Video presentation

Second lecture

Holy Wine Ceremony

Dinner Party

Hoondokhae (messages from the Spirit World)

Closing Ceremony

During the conference in Seoul at Lotte Hotel, Mr. Song Kuen-shik, the IIFWP regional leader of the northern region, mentioned in his congratulatory address that even though people feel new hope in the 21st century, a new millennium for all humanity, especially since the whole world is under the influence of terrorist activities. In this situation, Rev. Moon stresses the need for true love to bring real solutions to the world.

Mr. Kim Dong-euk, a member of the National Assembly [the Korean Congress], said in his congratulatory address that the human race is frustrated by the discord, even though there are many who are seriously pursuing world peace today. He said that he believes that Rev. Moon's work through IIFWP is leading the construction of world peace, bringing hope and happiness to the people of the today's world.

President Kwak Chung-hwan said in his presentation (title: "New Vision for the Eternal Realization of World Peace") explained about various activities of IIFWP centering on the True Parents proposal for UN revival. He added that world peace can be realized through working toward the goal of peace beyond national, religious and racial boundaries.

Also he explained, as God created man with the character capable of becoming perfect and establishing families that would be the foundation of a peaceful world, as His children, we must strive to develop our relationship with God, our father.

Subsequently, with the desire to establish God's Ideal of creation on earth, Rev. Moon has established the Unification movement and is involved in many kinds of activities worldwide for the sake of peace.

He also explained about IIPC activities in Israel and their result as a great success. He said we firmly believe that through these interreligious activities we are able to bring about substantial unification and world peace. And throughout his lecture the participants supported him by repeated warm applause.

Mr. Yun Jeong-no, the second lecturer, gave a presentation entitled "God's Will and the Unification of the Fatherland."

In his lecture, he explained about the reality of the Korean War, Korea's division and our present responsibility regarding reunification. He shared about aspects of Rev. Moon's vision, such as, the Unification philosophy and his worldwide activities and the foundation he has laid. In his presentation, he showed some photos of the life in North Korea as he pointed out the necessity for education to bring the ideal of peace into reality.

After the lecture, all the participant were invited for the holy wine ceremony. During the dinner party there was Hoon Dok Hae (some messages from the spirit world were read). And as participants were leaving, they received a copy of the "Messages from the Spirit World".

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