Unification News for March 2004

40-day Workshops for Blessed Wives is Given by God

Dae Mo Nim
January 8, 2004

Dae Mo Nim is deeply concerned about the life and welfare of all blessed families around the world and has emphasized the importance of the 40-day workshops for blessed wives on many occasions. The following is an excerpt from her speech which was given at the 626th 2-day Workshop on January 8, 2004.

We can receive blessings from 2004 on. We have to remove our fallen nature. However, we sometimes forget about these things.

We do not really understand when we get angry, lose our tempers, or become proud. So I asked God requesting, "Heavenly Father! You love us, right?" God answered that He loves us. "Then please teach us when we do not know or have done something wrong." Then God answered, "The 40-day workshops for blessed wives are being held so I can teach you."

God said, "All these days, I did not know." Why? It is certain that from a world of light, God knows whether we are doing wrong or right. Yet, He watches and says, "I did not know." God says, "We have entered bright time period as daylight. Now that we are in the Cheon Il Guk era, I can see you directly and you must learn the things that you must put into practice. You must purify yourself from evil and come to me. Look at the way you have been living since receiving the blessing. During these 40 days, report about all the various problems that your family is facing." Where? At Jeong Shim Won Prayer Hall.

This is why I am including a time for self-reflection within the afternoon schedule of these 40-day workshops for blessed wives. I did it not because you are not sleeping well or you are tired. It is not meant to be a time to rest. For 40 days, go to Jeong Shim Won prayer hall and report every details of how you and your family have lived until now.

Knowing what we tell Him, God feels impelled to help us because we are His children. If you report constantly, I can put your reports on record. Then I will be with you in your lives and will gladly help and teach you. I will gladly come to find you when you are facing difficulties. This is why He gave His consent to hold these 40-day workshops.

It is not only for the sake of liberating spirits or for teaching the Divine Principle. These are not the only goals. God wants us to graft to the Principle and remove all our sins, and wants to think that He has not seen the way we have lived in the past. This is Godís Heart.

However, our sins are so great that God cannot simply say, "I did not see what I saw." Thus He says, "Now that I see, I will solve your wrong doings, so report daily. If you report, then I will make your wishes come true without fail." The 40-day workshops for blessed wives hold this important meaning.

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