Unification News for March 2004

The First Volume of W-CARP President Hyun Jin Moon’s Speeches!

We are pleased to announce that the first book of W-CARP President Hyun Jin Moon’s public speeches has been published: "OWNING THE CULTURE OF HEART."

Ever since the inauguration as the Vice President of Family Federation for World Peace in 1998, President Hyun Jin Moon has been asking all of us to become Owners of the Culture of Heart, in order to transform the world into a one God-centered human family.  He has spoken in public numerous times in order to convey his heart, and in this book we have selected 21 of his speeches from the last five year period. 

In this book of 21 select public speeches, readers will not only discover the core of the 50 year teachings of our True Parents Rev. & Mrs. Sun Myung Moon but also the true essence of leadership. With this book, we would like the leaders and members of our Unification Movement to deeply connect to the filial heart of a True Child and to start anew with unsullied determination to actualize God and True Parents’ dream.

For any inquiry about the purchase, please email to yyk21@worldcarp.org.

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