Unification News for March 2004

Kansas City

by Rev. Mary Anglin

Apostle Leo Standley is our Co-Convener for ACLC in Kansas. He is a great man of faith and committed to the work of ACLC to allow the Holy Spirit to tear down the walls. Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr. cannot be summarized on paper, but Iíll do my best to report on his visit to Kansas City on February 8th. It all began when Apostle Leo Standley expressed to me that heíd love to have Bishop Stallings or one of our other great ACLC leaders speak at his church anniversary. I proceeded to make arrangements, only to hear Rev. Standley testify that he had only voiced his dream; he didnít really believe it would happen.

He was so honored and humbled that Bishop Stallings would come. It is a great testimony to our national level organization: they are always ready to serve even the humblest and most out-of-the-way locales.

Bishop Stallings was originally scheduled to speak at 4:00 p.m., but since he arrived ahead of time, he offered to do the 11:00 a.m. service as well. Not realizing my connection to Bishop Stallings through ACLC, all my friends in the Rev. Standley's congregation greeted me with "Iím so glad you came Ė we have the most incredible speaker youíll ever hear!" and "This message today is so ahead of its time youíll be blown away!" and similar greetings from so many.

In a one hour sermon, the Archbishop presented the Principle of Creation, touched on the Fall of Man, clarified the Mission of Jesus and declared Our Responsibility to become Perfect Embodiments of God.

What did the crowd do when he expressed that Godís love is intense and he created man and woman to love intensely? They whooped and hollered. What did they do when he said Adam and Eve got caught up in Luciferís promises and lost sight of God? They said Amen. And when he said that Jesus died only because the people didnít hear the word of God? They said Amen. What did they do when he said that we each have the power to become like God? They shouted with joy. And when he declared that we must study the Bible and Divine Principle? They whooped and hollered.

In the crowd of 100; 10 being ministers of either Christianity or Nation of Islam, there was not a single voice of dissent. The only question asked was "When are you coming back?!"

Apostle Standley is 100 times more committed., in a letter to Bishop Stallings he said the Pastor, his wife and the members of Reaping the Harvest Ministries have been touched in such a way that we will never be the same. We have been brought to another level in our relationship with God. We are grateful to Bishop Stallings and the ACLC.

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