Unification News for March 2004


by Rev. Burgi Hutcherson

Once a month NC Blessed Families are gathering for a state wide event to strengthen the bonds between the Raleigh, Charlotte and the newly established Triad Family Church.

This month’s event took place on Sunday February 22nd at the CRT Christian Farm of Bishop Willie Davis, Jr. in Winston-Salem, NC. At this event we were tremendously blessed to receive our president Rev. Michael Jenkins and his wife Reiko and their precious daughter Jessica. We also received Rev. Dickerson, our Vice Regional Director from Kentucky. Rev. Dickerson was accompanied by his faithful and loving wife and his beautiful daughter. Also Rev. Yukihiro Saito, state leader from Tennessee came and through representation of all states our event was raised up into a regional event. Gods blessing was truly amongst us.

We had 20 NC families represented. All together there were 37 Adults and 38 children with a total of 75. That included Donnie and Sun Niles family with their sun Alan, who has just a few weeks ago connected with us, missionary Cynthia Hill, who is also a new supporter of our work and Tarik, a student from Charlotte, who looked us up after loosing contact with us for a few years.

We gathered first for potluck lunch and fellowship. Good talks and good foods nourished our hearts, souls and body. Then we celebrated all the January and February birthday's for the region and we were cutting two cakes together.

At 2 pm the afternoon service began. We had some opening songs and family pledge in English. Rev. Tim Davis, city leader from Raleigh, gave the invocation. Then Rev. Dickerson reported about his past 5 month experiences in Korea, emphasizing about the importance of becoming second self of True Parents, owners of recreation and bring world peace through establishing the peace UN and opening the Peace Kingdom. Then missionary Cynthia Hill - who just a month prior learned about our work poured her heart into the song: "In all of His Glory". Everyone was moved to hear her strong voice and investment of heart. God is getting ready for some breakthrough in NC.

Then the great moment we were all waiting for arrived. Rev. Michael Jenkins took the microphone and delivered in a powerful way the Word of God. There was joy, happiness, humor and seriousness filling the room. He also tested us on our understanding on the Divine Principle and was especially impressed about the straight answers given by Shawna Pace. Rev. Jenkins was able to give us also a deep understanding of the providence at this time. We were so grateful for his message and we all made a leap forward in understanding the heart of God and True Parents. We are truly thankful for this enormous blessing. I can't remember ever that we had such an opportunity in our NC Family Church before

Following the powerful message was the Offering and the Offering songs. Sharon Pace, NC AFC leader gave the announcements about the upcoming event on Capital Hill. Father is very excited about the fire that was ignited on the Capitol Hill through the February 4th event and now the urgency is on to spread the fire in the congress and senate. We are to seriously unite with our AFC leader to bring a great victory on March 23rd on Capitol Hill. Father will attend that event. We need to pray every day for that event. Then Hisae Baklarz, Kodan leader for NC encouraged members to start FR once a month for Kodan and the Church. She also asked the congregation who is willing to do that. Then Rev. Jenkins stressed the importance of Kodan and the advancement of Gods work through strong Kodan support. I concluded the announcement with the importance of the Tong Bang Kyok Pa activities, especially the giving of the Holy Wine to our friends, relatives and neighbors. We are all still working on the fulfillment of the special condition to give 360 people the Holy Wine before Rev. Cho, our Regional director is returning from Korea. He will come back this Saturday. We also announced the memo from Headquarter. We made the book from Hyung Jin Nim " The moment" available for sale. If somebody likes to get a copy please contact your city leader.

As time had already advanced to 6pm we concluded with the Benediction given by Rev. Michael Jenkins and Three Cheers of "Eok Mansei (100million manseis) by Rev. Y. Saito, state leader from Tennessee.

Rev. John Winfrey arrived and invited Rev. Jenkins and Mrs. Jenkins to join him at his Sunday night service. Rev. Tim Davis and myself joined into this event. We were very well received and once more Rev. Jenkins could share God's word to the congregation of the Cornerstone Baptist Church. Praise God!

Glory to our True Parents and thank you to our President for such a blessed day! Thank you to our Regional Leader Rev. Byung Seok Cho in his absence represented by his always cheerful and happy wife Mrs. Yasuyo Hattori Cho with their 2 beautiful children, thank you for the Vice Regional Leader Rev. Dickerson, who came all the way from Kentucky which means a 12 hour ride, the state leader from Tennessee Rev. Yukihiro Saito, which took upon him an 8 hour ride and all NC city leaders and blessed families.

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